Canon Printer Won’t Turn On? Here’s What Could Be Wrong!

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Last Updated - October 6, 2023

Canon Printer Won’t Turn On? Here’s What Could Be Wrong!


Print documents and web pages fast with a range of Canon printers designed for high volume printing at pretty low running costs. Print, scan and copy borderless printing straight from your mobile device. Loaded with lots of advanced features, Canon makes the management of personal and professional printing work efficient for its users. An ideal solution for home and office use, these printers are highly affordable  as well. Recommended for any size of print volume, you can print all types of documents rapidly and with ease. These extremely easy to use printers are always ready to work at the push of a button. Rarely malfunctioning, you hardly face a problem where your Canon Printer Won’t Turn On.

Whether it is fun projects for children or your important document, you can always rely on Canon printers to scan and print instantly when you need their services. However, there are times when these printers develop errors and make it difficult to carry on with its regular functions. While Canon printers make your photos and documents print with ease, the real trouble arises when sometimes your Canon Printer Won’t Turn On leaving you looking for solutions. With us working to take care of such issues, it is always beneficial you call and speak to our experts for express and comprehensive steps to take care of the problem and get your Canon printer back to normal.

Why is Canon Printer Not Turning On?

A Printer in general hardly gives any indication that it is ‘on’ and ready to go for your favorite printing job. Basically, if your favorite Canon printer suddenly decides it’s not going to turn on, it simply stops showing any signs of life even after working fine for a while. All of a sudden your Canon Printer Won’t Turn On. No sound, no lights, no action whatsoever. You may plug or unplug from your machine and the wall socket and still it remains lifeless all through. As baffling as it may seem there may be one or several reasons for that.

The issue may be due to any of the following:

      • The Canon power cord is not connected to outlet in a proper manner.

      • The power switch is not put on.

      • Your Canon printer itself has a flawed power connectivity.

      • Your Canon printer is linked to a faulty wall outlet.

    These are the basic reasons why your Canon printer Won’t Turn On even if you might have used to just a while ago with the best features for your needs.

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    How do you get canon printer to turn on?

    The issue of Canon printer not turning on has various dimensions and can easily be taken care of with some do-it-yourself operations. Follow these simple steps in order to resolve the issue of Canon Printer Won’t Turn On:

    Power is not switched on

    The problem why your printer won’t turn on can happen when you are experiencing issues in getting power to your Canon printer. Start checking by ensuring that you have switched on the right button for power output. To turn the power on, you need to press the big square button that is usually on the front right side of your device. A green color light will indicate that you have successfully turned on the power. If it does not look green and you need to check with anything else for Canon Printer Won’t Turn On issue.

    Power cord is not connected to the outlet

    If somehow, no power is reaching your Canon printer, please ensure that the power cord is plugged well into the working power outlet on the wall. You can test whether the outlet is functional or not by plugging in other devices into it, and watching if they turn on or not. If you have checked that the outlet is working properly, it is possible that there is an issue with your printer adapter. In this case, you should follow the ways and method to replace/repair your Canon printer AC adapter to get rid of the Canon Printer Won’t Turn On issue.

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    Non-functional wall outlet

    If your printer does not power after connecting it to an outlet, chances are that your outlet may be malfunctioning or dead. You can check the outlet by plugging in other devices in the socket. If you discover that the other devices do not work when plugged into the socket you are using, there might be some fault with the outlet. In this case, try using a different wall outlet to get rid of the issue of Canon Printer Won’t Turn On. Again, other devices do function when connected to the outlet, the solution might be found somewhere else.

    Faulty power connection

    If your Canon printer does not turn on, your power utility might be somewhat faulty. Try again to connect to the power supply by plugging out the power cord from the socket and then connecting it again to the outlet. In such a case, be sure to wait for a minimum of 15 seconds before connecting again to the outlet. In case, these solutions do not solve the Canon Printer Won’t Turn On issue, contact canon printer setup on the helpline for a prompt resolution. You can also check our post on how to fix brother printer won’t turn on.

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