Troubleshooting Canon G3010 Setup: Common Issues & Solution

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Last Updated - December 11, 2023

Troubleshooting Canon G3010 Setup: Common Issues & Solution

canon g3010 setup
Canon G3010 is an all-in-one refillable ink tank wireless printer that can be used for high volume printing with great effect. Created specifically for long-term printing tasks at a low running cost, this exquisite printer product from Canon is ideal for home and small businesses that has regular to heavy usage. This all-in-one – Print, Scan, Copy – device with high-quality colour and black functionality has tons of useful features that is comparable to the best standards in the world of printing. Avail these features with easy Canon G3010 Setup with Canon Pixma G3010 Support that is also compatible for any type of mobile printing solutions from your smartphone or laptop.For saving time you can contact canon printer setup team for help.

How to Setup Canon G3010 Wireless Printer?

canon g3010 setup
To set up the Canon G3010 printer, you require to un-package it from the box, remove all the tapes and seals, fix the ink cartridges, load papers in the tray, ensure a proper power supply, provide network connectivity, and download the driver software as well as install them.
      • First of all, to begin the Canon G3010 WiFi Setup process, open and unwrap the printer box and inspect if there are any damages in it.
      • Remove various tapes and seals wrapped around the printer, paper tray, scanner lid, clean-out area, cartridge access door, and other places.
      • Load sheets of paper in the tray.
      • Put the ink cartridges in their designated places.
      • Link your Canon G3010 printer to a source of power supply.
      • Get a network connection done to the printer.
      • Then, get the Canon G3010 printer driver software downloaded and install them.

    Wireless Direct Canon G3010 Setup

    You can connect devices such as your tablet or smartphone to the printer by the below-mentioned methods:
        • Wirelessly connecting printer via a wireless router
        • Direct wireless connection, i.e., connecting Canon G3010 printer utilizing the Wireless Direct feature
      Below we go on detailing the Wireless Direct method of connectivity, which lets you print by linking the computing gadgets to the Canon printer directly.Wireless Direct you need to follow the procedure below:
          • Enable Wireless Direct.
          • Connect your computer to a Canon printer.
          • Perform printing operations.
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        Preparing for Wireless Direct

        Change the configuration below as a prerequisite for Wireless Direct Canon G3010 Setup.
            • Enabling Wireless Direct of Printer
            • Printer’s LAN settings
            • Settings of a device to connect
            • Connecting the device to the Canon printer for Canon G3010 WiFi Setup

          Enabling Wireless Direct of Printer

          At the very outset, make sure that the Canon G3010 printer is switched on. This can be confirmed when the printer’s ON lamp is lit as you turn on the printer. If the ON lamp is lit while the LCD is off, the Canon printer is on.Now, push the Direct button.The wireless direct icon shows up on the LCD.This indicates that the Canon G3010 printer Wireless Direct is enabled and it is ready to connect a device wirelessly.

          Connecting the Device to the Printer

              • Switch on the wireless communication on your computer or mobile device.
            From your device’s “Setting” menu, you need to enable the “Wi-Fi” feature.
                • Select “XXX-G3010 series” (“XXX” shows the final 6 characters of your printer’s MAC address.) from the list shown on your device.
                • Enter the password. Now your device is connected to move on with the Canon G3010 Setup.
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              Canon G3010 Driver Download using CD ROM

              To download the driver for Canon Pixma G3010 using CD ROM, you need to click on the My Computer icon click the CD-ROM icon and once again click on the extension link.
                  • Turn the Canon G3010 printer and computer on. Make sure they have network access.
                  • Insert the CD ROM into the drive.
                  • Press the Start button, and then click My Computer.
                  • Next, click to open the CD-ROM icon in the window displayed.
                  • Double-click on the extension that shows up in the contents of the CD-ROM.
                  • Now, download and install the Canon G3010 driver to start printing.
                  • Next, to install the driver, you need to go to the manufacturer’s website to complete the Canon G3010 Setup.

                Installing drivers for Canon G3010 WiFi Setup

                Follow the following instructions
                    • Turn on the Canon G3010 printer by pressing its power button.
                    • Load the driver application CD that came along with the printer into your computer’s CD drive.
                    • This will bring up the AutoPlay screen and ask you to run a program from your media source.
                    • Click on execute or Run the Autorun.exe file.
                    • Next, Windows will prompt you if you need to open the installer. Click Yes.
                    • Before the installation can start, you are required to review some agreements. Click on the checkbox next to “I have reviewed and accepted the agreement“ for Canon G3010 Setup.
                    • Now, you’ll be asked to click Next to start installing the printer drivers. The Installer fetches the files from the CD and copies them to your computer.
                    • A menu will help you make sure you select the way you want to link the Canon printer to your system.
                    • Choose to either connect it via a wired network, a wireless network, or through a USB cable.
                    • A window asks you to connect one end of the USB cable to your laptop/computer and the other to your Canon printer.
                    • Your computer located your printer automatically. Click continue/next with the installation.
                    • The installer notifies you once the installation is over for Canon G3010 Setup.
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                  How to set up your Canon Pixma G3010 from a Smartphone

                  To print from Canon G3010 Setup from a smartphone, you are required to download the Canon PRINT SELPH/ Inkjet app on your smartphone.
                      • Launch the paper support, at the top of the printer.
                      • Pull up the paper tray and open the extension of the output tray.
                      • Load a paper stack within the tray with the print part in the upward direction.
                      • Next, align the papers with the help of the paper width guides.
                      • Open the Canon Print SELPHY/inkjet app from your smartphone or tablet for Canon G3010 WiFi Setup.
                      • Click on the photo print within the app. A list of photos contained on your smartphone shows up on the printer.
                      • Select a photo or multiple photos with the number of copies, etc. to print via Canon G3010 Setup.
                    Saving a Print Profile with Canon Pixma G3010
                    To save a print profile within the Canon G3010 printing setup, you need to open the printer window that contains the driver setup and follow the guidelines below. You can keep them in quick setup as well as commonly used configurations on the tab.
                        • Download the Canon G3010 printer driver from the Canon website and install it.
                        • Next, launch the printer driver setup screen.
                        • Click on the Quick Setup Tab and select Commonly Used Settings.
                        • Choose the printing profile and modify the configuration in Additional Features.
                        • Click on Save and Save the Commonly Used Settings through a dialog box that comes up as the next step with the Canon G3010 Setup.
                        • Enter the profile data, and set preferences such as orientation, page size, copies, etc. Click on OK to save this print configuration along with the Canon G3010 WiFi Setup.
                      For help with your setup process, you can contact the Canon setup team for help.

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