Canon LBP 2900B Wi-Fi Setup – Say Goodbye to Cables

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Last Updated - December 8, 2023

Canon LBP 2900B Wi-Fi Setup – Say Goodbye to Cables

Canon LBP 2900B is an outstanding Printer that comes with advanced printing technology. It has great support for the Windows operating system. It maintains high-speed printing by allowing printing in batches. You can print the best quality of your files with a maximum of 12 pages in a minute. It allows you to perform Canon LBP 2900b wifi setup using a simple series of steps by connecting to a router. You have to arrange a fully secure and protected network while working wirelessly with this printer. It gives you high-quality prints while commanding remotely also. It does not support wireless printing, but you can attach this printer to the system that can act as a server for it.

Main Features of Canon LBP 2900b Printer

To proceed with the Canon LBP 2900b wifi setup, you must first check out its features to mark whether the Printer is useful to you or not. So, here are some of the features that you can avail of in this printer.
      • CAPT (Canon Advanced Printing Technology) Facility
      • The high transmission speed of 480Mbps
      • Super Quality prints
      • Support for a large variety of network
      • Support various media types
      • Low Power consumption
      • Simple management and replacement

    How to Connect Canon LBP 2900b to WIFI

    Assemble the PrinterBefore proceeding with the wifi setup process, you have to first assemble the printer carefully. Remove all the protective tapes for your printer, and unpack all its different parts. Now, insert the ink tanks into their place. Attach the input and output tray. Then, adjust the tray edges to place the papers. Make sure that you place the papers within the limits of the printer. Also, make sure that you place the A4-size papers into the tray. While connecting wirelessly you have to place the router close to the system for a maximum speed of the internet. If there is any fluctuation in your network connection, you will not achieve successful results.Also, make sure to download and install the compatible software that suits your printer. The computer should have appropriate system requirements that fit the printer for the proper functioning of the system.Related: Canon g2010 setup

    Canon LBP 2900b wifi setup

    There is no direct wireless connection facility in the Canon 2900b printer. You have to additionally arrange a device that can act as a server for the printer to make it work on the WIFI connection. You can share the printer virtually over a network to make it accessible to the computers and print wirelessly. You can complete the Canon LBP 2900b wifi setup by sharing it as a USB Printer over the local network.For the wireless connection, you have to first connect the device which requires sharing over a network. You can connect the device to the wireless connection status. It is accessible to all who are accessing this network.
        1. Firstly, perform an Ubuntu Mate setup that requires a memory card that is secure and possesses high quality.
        1. Perform all its settings. Set all the other things in place including, VNC, SSH, etc.
        1. Now you have to log in to Pi by opening it up in the SSH terminal. Then you have to perform the Canon LBP 2900b wifi setup here.
        1. Proceed further with installing the drivers for Pi. You can install using the following commands:
              1. Visit online on the official site.
              1. Search for compatible drivers.
              1. Click on the download button.
              1. Wait for the process to continue.
              1. As soon as the download is finished, install the driver by clicking the downloaded link.
              1. Follow to instructions to end the installation.
            • In the next step, you have to add the Printer to the CUPS server. Follow the steps below for it:
                  • Visit the CUPS server page. Go to ‘Admin’.
                  • Select the option ‘Add Printer’.
                  • Click on the name corresponding to your Printer.
                  • Now, click on the driver that is appropriate from the list on the screen.
                  • Click on the option ‘Share the Printer’.
                  • Go with the flow of the instructions to complete the setup process.
                  • Finally, click on the ‘Finish’ process.
                  • Then, move to the list of Printers and copy the URL corresponding to your printer.
                  • You are now connected wirelessly over a network.
                • Now, check for the success of the ‘Canon LBP 2900b wifi setup’. If you encounter some issues, then follow up with the troubleshooting steps.
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              Troubleshooting Process for Printer Setup Problems

              Windows System Does Not Recognize the PrinterWhile following up with the troubleshooting process, you may encounter the issue when the system fails to recognize the printer. In such a case, you have to go through a series of troubleshooting steps as follows:
                  • Open your Computer.
                  • Visit the control panel and navigate to ‘Settings.
                  • Click on ‘Add Printer’.
                  • Move to the ‘CUPS’ server page, and click on the URL of the printer for which you want to perform Canon lbp 2900b wifi setup.
                  • Click on the ‘Ctrl+C’ key to copy the URL.
                  • Go to Printer’s Setup page.
                  • Click on the ‘Add’ option.
                  • The screen will ask for the driver. Choose the driver wisely that best suits your device.
                  • Check for the success of printing. If the printer prints the commands sent by the device, then it means you achieve success in the Canon lbp 2900b wifi setup process.

                Printer Takes Forever to Print

                There is another situation when your printer takes unlimited time to print, you get stuck in the processing. To resolve this issue, you have to first cancel the current printing command. Go to the server page to cancel the current job. Click on the ‘cancel’ option. Now restart the printer to check for the solution to the problem. Again sent the same command to check if the problem persists or not.
                Multiple Copy for Same Printing Job
                You may also encounter another problem in which you get multiple copies of the same page. To resolve this problem, you have to cancel the command first and then restart the computer to check the success of Canon lbp 2900b wifi setup.If the issue persists then get in touch with canon printer setup.

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