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Last Updated - February 22, 2024

Canon Support Code 6000 | Pixma/Maxify Printers

How to fix error code 6000 Canon printer

Canon printers are reliable for copy, scan, and fax functions. But, they are also prone to error codes. Most of the error messages arise due to the carelessness of the users. One such message is support code 6000. It is not an alarming error and can be easily fixed. So, let’s dig into more details and understand what the Canon support code 6000 indicates and how to fix this issue.

What is Canon Support Code 6000?

The support code 6000 usually arises when there is an obstruction in the paper tray of your Canon printer. It could be due to the jamming of the paper in the output slot, inside, the transport unit, or in the automatic document feeder. 

When you have given a print command but even after that, due to some issue, the printer is unable to open the paper feed tray, the machine will generate the error code 6000. Whether you have Pixma TR4520, Canon G2020, or Canon MX922, the alert code 6000 indicates some sort of jamming in the paper tray. The blocking of the paper tray will lead to interruption of the printing job. The situation can get worse when under the jam condition, the printing command starts to overload. Thus, it is necessary to fix the error code 6000.

Canon 6000 Error Code List

The error message 6000 arrives due to the jamming of the paper. However, depending on the location and cause, the error codes are categorized. 

canon support code 6000
  • Paper jammed when feeding from the rear tray (Support Code 1300)
  • Paper jammed when feeding from the cassette (Support Code 1303)
  • Paper jammed when performing automatic duplex printing (Support Code 1304)
  • The paper jammed when the printer pulled in a printed paper (Support Code 1313)

Causes of Canon Printer Error 6000

The functioning of the paper feed tray and its associated sensors is necessary for the effective working of your Canon printer. But, under certain adverse conditions, it could be possible that the feed tray has some obstacles. Under the following situation, you can expect to receive the Canon support code 6000. 

  • When a paper is stuck in the feed tray, then pieces of paper, debris, or dust, is preventing the tray from opening. It can be stuck in the output tray or inside. 
  • Moreover, if the sensor dedicated to paper input is damaged, then it may give rise to the support code 6000 in your Canon printer. 
  • You may also find the error code due to incorrect installation of the printer tray. 
  • Also, if you have instructed the Canon printer with multiple paper print commands at once, then it may pile up and may result in this error.
  • Sometimes, the sensor detects a large number of sheets around the printer and interprets it as a blockage. Thus, it may initiate the error code 6000. 
  • Also, if your line feed (from where the sheets enter into the printer) is dirty or damaged, then it is possible to receive an error message.

Fix Error Code 6000 in Canon Printer

Paper jam in your Canon printer is not a big issue. But, you need to take all precautions before removing the sheet. Whenever the paper gets stuck, the first step should be to press the STOP button to halt the print job. You can take the following steps to fix the error code 6000 in your Canon printer. 

Reset the Printer

The easiest way to fix the error code 6000 is to reset the printer. It can be done in just a few simple steps. 

  • Disconnect the printer from the power source.
  • Keep the printer in pause mode for 30 seconds. 
  • Now, reconnect the printer to the power source.
  • After that, hold the power button for a few seconds and press the STOP button twice.
  • Repeat this process. 
  • In the last cycle, press the power button slowly.
  • In the end, press the STOP button four times. 

Ensure to Clean the Rollers

As we know, the Canon support code arises due to obstruction in the paper feed. If the rollers of the paper feed are dirty, then the sensor will count it as a blockage. Therefore, you should clean the rollers with an alcoholic solution. 

Eliminate Any Paper Jams

When the 6000 support code arises in your Canon printer, you should always look for any paper jams in the first place. Check the hand manual of your Canon printer to understand the steps to remove any stuck pages. The sheet can be jammed at the outlet, rear tray, or inside. Opening the print head and softly pulling out the sheet with the help of your hands can erase the paper jam. 

Update the Printer Driver

If the printer driver is outdated, then the sensors and other core components of the printer will fail to act efficiently. Due to an older version of the driver, the printer may generate a false error code and thus it can mislead the user. Therefore, it is necessary to get the latest version of the driver. You can visit the Canon’s official website and check the latest updates. 

Install the Printer Correctly

It could be possible that the printer media configurations do not match the page fed into the paper tray. Thus, you should check the paper setting also. You should also confirm that the paper tray is correctly installed. 

Stop Sending Instructions to the Printer 

When the printer receives different print jobs, it puts them into a queue and processes them one by one. However, when the print jobs pile up, the printer may slow down. Some Canon printer models stop accepting the instructions and therefore not let the user input more sheets. 

How to Remove Jammed Paper in Canon Printer?

The paper can be stuck in the output tray or inside the printer. You need to take it out cautiously otherwise it may tear into pieces and increase your burden. When the sheet is jammed in the output tray, you can hold it gently and pull it out. However, in the case of a small piece of paper or paper obstructing inside the printer, you need to take certain steps. 

Remove the Paper Jammed Inside the Canon Printer

  • Switch OFF the printer and disconnect it from the power source.
  • After that, open the print head cover.
  • Now, check that the paper is below the print head. If it is below the print head, then either press the right or left side of the print head holder. 
  • After that, push the print head holder to the left or right as per your convenience.
  • Now, grab the stuck paper gently and pull it out slowly. 
  • In the end, close the print head cover. 

Extract the Small Piece of Paper

It can be risky to have a small piece of disintegrated paper inside the printer. It can interfere with the working of the printer’s components. Therefore it becomes necessary to remove it.

  • Start by inserting a paper of the same size in portrait orientation. 
  • Now, give the print command. It will take out the paper stuck in the printer. 

However, if the above method fails to work, then you can follow these steps. 

  • Turn OFF the printer and detach the power cords.
  • Now, open the print head cover.
  • After that, softly push the jammed paper towards the output tray. 
  • Now, pull out the piece of paper from the output bay. 
  • Check for any left traces and close the print head cover. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Canon printer error 6000 mean?

The support code 6000 on your Canon printer indicates that there is an obstruction in the printer mechanism. The problem arises due to interruption in the paper feed or improperly seated ink tank. 

How do I fix my Canon printer error 6000?

The Canon printer error 6000 be easily fixed. You need to remove the rear cover first. After that, remove the transport unit cover. Now, you can check the stuck paper inside. Fetch the paper outside and place the rear cover back. 

What is error code 6000 on Canon TR4527?

If you see error 6000 on Canon TR4527, then it usually suggests that there is a paper feed mechanism issue. The printer may have paper jams, incorrect tray installation, or sensor disability. 

What are the causes of Canon printer support code 6000?

The common causes of the generation of the error code 6000 can be accumulation of the dirt and debris. Also, jamming of the pages, incorrect installation of the paper tray, and a large number of print commands can lead to the rise of this error code. 

Can resetting the printer delete the error code 6000?

The error code 6000 can be generated due to excessive print commands. The printer will get into the blackout stage due to this and pop up the error code 6000. Thus, resetting the printer will eliminate the printer settings and previous commands. It will ultimately delete the support code 6000. 

How do I get my Canon printer out of error code 6000?

You can erase the error code 6000 by resetting the printer. You should also check for any dirt and debris in the paper feed tray. Also, avoid any paper jams by deleting them. If the problem persists, then you should update the printer driver to the latest version.

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