Effortless Printing – Guide to Canon MG3122 Wireless Setup

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Last Updated - December 13, 2023

Effortless Printing – Guide to Canon MG3122 Wireless Setup

canon mg3122 setup

Canon MG3122 Wireless Setup

  • Now ensure to check the power key. In this case, it displays a green LED which indicates that the printer is now turned ON and is in active mode.
  • Once done, click the hit button which will set the button on your printer.
  • Now you can use the arrow keys. These keys will help you choose the WLAN setup.
  • Now click the Hit key and then press the OK button.
  • Once done, press the WLAN setup if the blue router LED turns up.
  • Then, after holding for a while, the printer is looking for valid accessible keys automatically.
  • Verify and check your printer screen display, and proceed to choose the suitable method.
  • Once done, press and hold the Stop key if the push button method display prompts on your printer.

Are You A Mac and Windows User? | Learn To Install Canon MG3122 Wireless Setup Driver

  • Make sure to download and then install the Canon MG3122 driver software as per your OS, such as the Windows-based OS or Mac-based OS. Ensure that you have downloaded the correct driver software on your Canon variant.
  • Once done. You are advised to download the setup file, and then click to open the folder.
  • Once done, with the download, locate the folder where you stored the Canon MG3122 wireless setup driver file, now click twice on the applicable checkbox.
  • In case of if you spot the Install Wizard on the display, proceed to finish by installing the Canon setup file by sticking to the guidelines mentioned above.
  • Now when done with the installation of the setup file, restart your PC.
  • Initiate a Test run on the printer.

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How do I set up my Canon MG3122 wireless printer?

  • Check to ensure your printer is compatible with AirPrint mode.
  • Power ON your Canon MG3122 printer. Interlink it via the same WLAN.
  • Click on your Apple app device to display up the menu options. After that, hit the print icon.
  • Once done, amongst the various printer options, choose the Canon MG3122 that you are associated with.
  • Now choose the variants of copies you require. If required, click to switch to double-sided printing.
  • At last, if you are ready, click the Printer to start the print jobs.

Canon MG3122 Wireless Setup Installation Via WPS Key Method

Before the start, some instructions must be fulfilled to utilize the WPS push button step:

  • The access point must have a WPS push button available. Please check with your device’s user guide for details.
  • Make sure that your network should be compatible with utilizing the WPA1 or WPA2 protocol. Most WPS-enabled access keys to utilize this set.

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Step 1-Ensure printer to be in Active State.

Whether the power is ON, the LED  is lit as shown in the illustration below.

  • Press and hold the [Maintenance] button (A) on the printer for approximately 5 seconds.
  • Make sure that the LED flashes as shown in the illustration below.

Step 2-Press the Fit button

This fault occurs when the WLAN connection setup is not fulfilled within 2 minutes after holding the WPS key.

  • Verify if the access key is turned ON. If the access point is already turned on, turn it off, and then turn it back on.

Step 3- Validate Network Settings Configuration

To confirm that your printer is successfully connected to your wireless network, you can print out the network settings of your printer:

  • Ensure that your Canon variant is powered up.
  • Feed paper in the paper tray with a lot of  A4 size.
  • Click to choose the maintenance button  again until the LED is lit
  • Hold and click the color key

If the Canon MG3122 Wireless Setup Installation Via WPS Key Method is unable to let you connect we advise you to please connect with us for further help.

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Canon MG3122 Wireless Setup Installation Via Standard USB Connection Method

Step 1

  • Ensure to insert the CD that is inserted with your printer & initiate to installation of the setup.
  • Once done when the display prompts, click next.
  • Choose to click the WLAN setup connection for a method.
  • Now make sure that your printer is On, and click OK to proceed further.

Step 2

  • Ensure to click on the connect button.
  • Click the maintenance key on the printer for approx 10 sec.
  • Now ensure that the LED blinks.
  • Ensure to click on Wireless Setup Using the USB Cable.
  • Make sure that you select your region, and then click on Next.
  • Also, select your language, and then click on Next.

Step 3

  • Figure out how to select the software you wish to install, and then click on Next.
  • Ensure to click on Yes to agree to the EULA.
  • Click on Next.
  • Ensure to connect your printer to your computer using the given USB chord.
  • Once your printer has been detected, the following screen will appear.

Ensuring Re-Installation Of Printer Factory Default Settings

  • Ensure to click the maintenance key repeatedly until the LED starts to display.
  • Now ensure to click the color key.
  • Once done check to verify if the network options are now initiated.
  • Proceed to verify if the network options are back to the factory setting.

Note: In case if you are facing any problem while installing the Canon MG3122 Wireless Setup or it is with the Canon MG3122 Wireless Setup installation failure is occurring then get the assistance of the distinct nature, any smart device user may learn how to set up a successful Canon MG3122 Wireless Setup avoiding any potential failure without any efforts. However, if the above-mentioned key takeaways, do not function it will essentially imply that there is some complex fault with your canon system. To determine your issue, you presently need to contact the Canon printer support team or you may also visit the official website of the company. Here, the renowned Tech experts’ assistance will render services with essential troubleshooting steps via telephone or by remote Canon printer setup. So visit us to clear all your doubts while you prepare to realize How To Connect Canon MG3122 Wireless Setup to Wifi with ease.

Read – Canon Support

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