The Easiest Way to Connect HP Desk Jet 2130 to Wi-Fi

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Last Updated - December 27, 2023

The Easiest Way to Connect HP Desk Jet 2130 to Wi-Fi

HP Desk Jet 2130 is an efficient printer that helps users to satisfy all their needs for printing, scanning and copying files and documents. The easiest and the reliable way to use it wirelessly over a network, because this connection is instant and versatile. You can get the entire help and details for the printer’s setup at The webpage also tells us the overall procedure for HP Deskjet 2130 Connect to Wifi. You can follow the step-wise sequence to set up and install your printer wirelessly over a network. You can also get the entire procedure to test the connection between the device and the Printer by printing a test page.

HP Desk Jet 2130 – Operating System Compatibility

To proceed with the HP Deskjet 2130 Connect to Wi-Fi, you must first check if your device is compatible with the printer or not. In case, the printer is incompatible, you will be unable to print using this device. You can check the compatibility depending upon the operating system you are using in your device. Check the list of OS that suits best with the HP Desk Jet 2130:
      • Windows XP (32 bits)
      • Windows Vista (32 bits and 64 bits)
      • Windows 7 (32 bits and 64 bits)
      • Windows 8 (32 bits and 64 bits)
      • Windows 8.1 (32 bits and 64 bits)
      • Windows 10 (32 bits and 64 bits)
    All these OS works well with HP DeskJet 2130, and you can follow up the Wifi setup procedure using these devices. You can check it online at for the simple and precise procedure to connect your printer wirelessly with the device running on any one of these operating -systems.Related: Hp deskjet 2540 wireless setup

    HP Deskjet 2130 Connect to Wifi – Follow-Up Procedure at

    HP DeskJet 2130 installation and WIFI setup are quite easy and quick if you take proper preventive measures and follow the accurate guidelines at Firstly make sure that you connect both the devices with the same network. If the devices connect to a different network, then you will not be able to print. Also, make sure that the wireless connection runs at 802.11b/g/n-2.4GHz. Always use a connection that is secure and private to avoid any malware attack. Follow the steps below to setup:
        1. Firstly, arrange a router and a high-speed internet connection.
        1. Switch ON the router and place it close to the printer.
        1. Make sure that the router’s WIFI light is glowing.
        1. Connect your HP DeskJet 2130 printer to a power source to switch it ON. You can get the connection details at
        1. Now click on the ‘Cancel’ key and ‘Wireless’ key simultaneously. Hold it for a minimum of five seconds; otherwise, you will not be able to get the wireless connection.
        1. After that release both the buttons (Cancel and wireless keys) for resetting the settings of the network. It will help you to get the default settings of your Printer.
        1. Now, use the Printer’s control panel and switch the Wireless Connection ON. You can confirm it from the blinking of blue light corresponding to the Printer.
        1. It will now grant you some time, for instance, two minutes, for making a secure WIFI connection.
        1. Reach your router, and click the WPS button within two minutes of the time limit.
        1. As soon as you make a secure connection between the Printer and the Router WIFI, the blue light stops blinking and start to glow brightly.
        1. Make sure to secure your WIFI connection using a valid username and password.
        1. Now, visit online to download HP Easy Start Application using the link,
        1. Install the app as soon as the download finishes.
        1. Next, check out the latest version of the Printer’s software available online.
        1. Install or update the drivers to their latest version, and proceed.
        1. Run the administrator file of the software to install it on your device.
        1. Go with the flow of the instruction to HP Deskjet 2130 Connect to Wifi.
        1. It will prompt you to choose the connection type. Select the ‘Wireless’ option.
        1. Finally, end up by hitting the finish button.
        1. You can now check your WIFI connection by printing a test page. You can get the test page printing details at
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      HP Deskjet 2130 Connect to Wi-Fi – Connect Using WIFI Direct

      There is also an alternative method to connect your Printer wirelessly to your device and use it for printing, scanning and copying files. The advantage of using the printer wirelessly is that we can access it remotely from anywhere, for instance sitting in some other room and giving the print command directly from there. You have to make sure that your system is under the reachable limits of the Printer. You can get the entire procedure at  Alternatively, follow the steps below:
          1. Using the WIFI direct option, you can connect your printer with any smart device like a smartphone, laptop, computer and desktop. You can then use the printer from these devices directly.
          1. Firstly, install the software of your Printer on your smart device. You can install it from the CD that comes up with the Printer.
          1. Click on the WIFI direct option, and connect it.
          1. Now, turn ON the WIFI Direct of your device. You can connect a maximum of five devices using WIFI direct.
          1. Select the name of your Printer.
          1. Hit the connect button.
          1. Make sure that the Printer is not too far away from the device and is within its range for successful connection. You can check the device range guidelines at
          1. You can now enjoy printing wirelessly from your device.
          1. Check your connection initially, by printing a test page. If the test page prints successfully, it means that the connection is successful.
          1. If the test page does not print successfully, then it means that there is some issue in the connection, and you have to follow up the troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue.
        For more information connect with hp printer support team.
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