Unlocking Wireless Printing: Epson L220 WiFi Configuration

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Last Updated - December 21, 2023

Unlocking Wireless Printing: Epson L220 WiFi Configuration

Epson L220 is a high-resolution Printer that allows you to print using a wired and wireless connection. It operates with high performance and is flexible in nature. You can perform printing, scanning, and copying task using this printer. It is a user-friendly printer that allows you to print the files in high quality at a low cost. You have to perform an Epson L220 Wifi Setup by following a series of steps to use the printer accurately and to perform various tasks. The setup process basically includes starting the printer, downloading and installing the drivers and software, and then connecting the printer with the computer.

Please check that you connect the printer with the device that is compatible with it. Otherwise, you may encounter some issues. Make sure that you have an active internet connection while following up with the setup process. Follow up with the system tuning and optimization to get the maximum output.

Features of L220 Printer

There are various features of the L220 Printer that helps you to get the best results while printing, scanning and copying. These are as follows:

      • It supports cloud printing

      • It helps you to connect wirelessly

      • It operates with an outstanding performance

      • It is quick and reliable to use and print

      • It is a multi-functional device that helps you to print, scan and copy the files, images and other documents.

      • It prints color rich images.

      • It also operates and connects with mobile

    What are the Ways for Epson L220 Wifi Setup

    There are various ways via which you can connect your Epson L220 Printer wirelessly. Each of these printing solutions gives you the maximum output and high-class printing. These are:

        • Remote Printing

        • Wireless Printing

        • Smart Phone Printing

      Epson L220 Wifi Setup – Complete Process

      To perform the Printer setup, you have to go through various steps from unpacking the printer, to filling up the ink cartridges, then loading the papers and installing the drivers and software. Let us now follow up with the complete procedure to setup and install the printer wirelessly.

      Unpacking the Printer

          • Firstly, you have to unpack the Printer from its box. Open the box in which the Printer is placed. To open it, remove all the protective tapes and take out the printer.

          • Now, remove all the red and blue protective tapes from the Printer also to use it. Make sure to remove the tapes cautiously without harming any part of the printer.

          • Do not open the ink bottles initially.

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        Place the Ink Tanks in the Cartridges

        Secondly, fill up the inks in the ink cartridges. Epson L220 provides you with ink Cartridges for enough time to use. If you will not place the inks accurately, then you may not achieve successful results while printing. Perform the steps below:

            • Take out the inks from the box without letting it to spoil.

            • Immediately wipe off the ink from the Printer to avoid any permanent stains.

            • Make sure that you use the original Epson inks to get the high quality prints.

            • Open the tank cover and the ink cap to fill up the inks for corresponding colors.

            • Open the bottle accurately by turning its cap.

            • Fill up the ports by holding it in the upright position.

            • Bend it in the correct position.

            • Put the ink in the bottle and pour it slowly without squeezing.

            • Close the bottle completely and securely after placing the ink cartridges.

            • Follow the same process for all the ink colors.

            • Finally, close the ink tank cover at last.

          Loading Papers

          Now it is the step to load the papers quickly. It is an easy approach to load the papers into the input tray. Make sure that you do not exceed the maximum number of paper the printer can accommodate at a time. Follow the steps below for loading the papers securely:

              • Move to the Feeder guard and rotate it in the forward direction. You can now get the access of paper support panel. Move the panel slightly upward and then tilt it back.

              • Move the edge guides form the sides to place the papers with full support.

              • After placing the papers accurately, again move the edge guides inward to support the papers.

              • Epson L220 supports A4 size papers, short edge and glossy papers.

              • Now move to the output tray and pull it out.

              • Pull the stoppers to support the paper.

            Next, you are ready to install the software for completion of Epson L3110 Setup. Installing software for the Printer and Driver is a must step for Epson L3110 Wireless Setup. The Printer will not work accurately if you will not install this software.

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            Downloading and Installing Software

            Next step, you have to download and install the software. To download the drivers you can use the CD that comes up with the printer. But it is not a good approach as it requires a professional mechanism to install the software and drivers. Follow the steps below for it:

                • Turn ON your computer and the Printer.

                • Now, go online on the official web site

                • Locate and navigate to ‘Software and Drivers’.

                • Enter the version of your printer as Epson L220 for complete Epson L220 Wifi Setup.

                • Click on the download button and wait for the process to complete.

                • Now install the driver and follow the on screen instructions.

                • Click yes to ‘terms and conditions’.

                • Click on the finish button.

              Now connect your Printer and the Computer over the same network by entering the network’s name and password. Try to give the printing commands from your printer, and check for successful results. If the issue persist then get in touch with epson printer setup team.

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