Bypass Canon Printer With Low Ink

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Last Updated - December 8, 2023

Bypass Canon Printer With Low Ink


Canon printers are used widely for various printing, copying, and scanning tasks. It uses the ink cartridge to print the files and documents. So there is an easy and quick approach to deal with the ink replacements once the ink in the cartridges is low. But, there are times when we face an issue with the replacement of the ink cartridges and the printer still does not print the files. So here we will discuss ‘how to bypass printer low ink canon’. We have to follow up with various troubleshooting procedures to resolve the printer’s low ink issue. The error mainly occurs if the chip is not reset automatically even after the replacement of the cartridge successfully.

Disable the Status Monitor in the Canon printer

One of the ways to overcome the issue is to void the message on the screen and disable it. Then continue with your work straightforwardly. If you want to fix the issue ‘how to bypass printer low ink canon’, then perform the steps below:

  • Head over to the printer.
  • Hold and press its stop/reset button for a few seconds
  • It will now remove the error message on the printer screen.
  • You can now give the commands and print without any errors. Check if the printer is printing the file in high quality. If yes, then it means the replacement of the ink cartridges results in success.

It will now disable all the warnings and update the screen for low ink levels. You have to monitor the ink levels by yourself and continue your printing task. If you experience a low ink level, then replace the cartridge and follow up with your printing tasks.

Working on Remanufactured Cartridges to Solve Printer Low Lnk Error

Follow the steps below to refill or remanufacture the cartridge:

  • Firstly, purchase a chip reset gadget. It must be compatible with the ink cartridge of the Canon printer you are using.
  • Follow the rule from the user guide and take the ink cartridges out of the machine.
  • Now, check the directions of the ink cartridge and the replacement rules.
  • Now, take the first ink cartridge and turn it over to check the metal contacts.
  • Place these metal contacts in such a way that they align at the bottom of the round of the chip reset device.
  • Now, check for the success of the operation.

Follow the same procedure for all the ink cartridges and then check the screen of the printer for the existence of the error. If you achieve successful results, then continue printing your documents successfully. 

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Activate Ink Cartridges for ‘how to bypass printer low ink canon

If you are also stuck with a question ‘how to bypass printer low ink canon’, then get familiar with the activation process of the ink cartridge. There can be a situation when the indicator delivers incorrect information on the ink levels even after the successful replacement. You can activate the indicator by following the steps below:

  • Access the Stop/Resume button.
  • Press it and hold it for a few seconds.
  • Wait for the message to disappear and then release the buttons.
  • It normally takes 5 to 7 seconds for the error message to disappear and you get the solution to ‘how to bypass printer low ink canon’.
  • Now, resume the printing task and check for success.
  • If the computer screen displays a prompt as ‘Cancel Printing’. Then click on the No button to resume your task.
  • The system can also display the damage warning. In such a case, click on the Yes button. The system will detect the original ink levels in the cartridges and continue with the printing task.
  • You can print until you experience any low image or print quality or missing colors in your prints.

Overriding Printer’s Ink Level

By overriding the levels of the ink, we can continue with successful printing. Follow the steps below to override the Printer ink levels.

  • A right-click on the start button.
  • Now, in the menu list select ‘All Apps’.
  • Locate the printer icon that depicts your printer.
  • Access its settings.
  • Navigate to ‘Configuration’. Then go to ‘Utilities’, then select ‘Tools’.
  • Locate the ‘ink level’ button. Click on it and it will show you an estimated level of the ink in your cartridges.
  • Now navigate to ‘Advanced Settings’, and check the ink levels.
  • If there are sufficient ink levels then tick on the option corresponding to ‘Do Not Show Me Low Ink Level Warnings’.
  • Click on the ‘OK’ button.
  • Now, continue with your printing task to get the solution for ‘how to bypass printer low ink canon’.
  • If the image prints with high quality, then continue with more printing tasks without acquiring any error or warning message on the screen.

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Resolve and Fix how to bypass printer low ink canon – Preventive Measures

To improve the performance of the printer after successfully replacing the ink cartridges, follow the steps below.

  • Make sure that you always perform a deep cleaning test after inserting the new ink cartridges into their respective slots.
  • Check that the printer recognizes the cartridges successfully. If not, then remove the cartridge and follow up with the appropriate steps explained in the manual to insert the cartridges properly.
  • After replacing the ink cartridges, turn the printer OFF for 40 to 60 seconds and then again switch it ON. Now check the screen to get the solution for ‘how to bypass printer low ink canon.
  • If you are inserting the cartridges having print heads, then check these print heads for any damage or dust. If the print heads are dirty or damaged, the printer will not recognize the cartridge, and you may struggle to solve ‘how to bypass printer low ink canon’. You can use a damp paper towel to clean the print heads and place the ink cartridges in their respective slots. Check for the success of the operation.

If you face any issues then get in touch with the Canon Printer Support team for help.

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