Printing Made Simple: HP DeskJet 4720 Setup and Usage Guide

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Last Updated - December 27, 2023

Printing Made Simple: HP DeskJet 4720 Setup and Usage Guide

HP DeskJet 4720 is a multi-functional Printer that allows you to perform printing, scanning, and copying tasks. The Printer comes up with the installation guide and driver software. Before using the Printer efficiently, you have to make sure to unpack and assemble it properly with all the inks, paper tray, output tray, cables, and other connections. You can use the Printer only with the device having system requirements compatible with it and perform the HP DeskJet 4720 Printer Setup. If the system is not compatible with the Printer, then you will not be able to print successfully even after the installation of drivers. You can use the Printer following up with the USB connections, or wireless connection.

HP DeskJet 4720 – Check Device Compatibility

To work precisely with the HP Printer, you have to first check if your system is compatible with it or not. It is one of the crucial parts of the HP DeskJet 4720 Printer Setup.   If the system is compatible, then your commands will work accordingly and perform the printing task. If the system is not compatible, then the Printer will not be able to print the commands successfully. So, checking device compatibility is important.
      • Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista.
      • Mac Operating System
      • S\Wireless router with 11b/g/n and 2.4GHz

    HP DeskJet 4720 Printer Setup – Wireless Connection

    You have to make the proper connection first before using the Printer’s facilities. You can either connect using the USB cable that you got with the Printer. Make sure that you are using the proper USB cable and there is no cut in the cable. Another way is that you can connect it wirelessly to your system using the network connection. There are mainly two steps for wireless connection. Firstly, you have to prepare the device for installation and then install the printer software for successful connection and printing. Follow the steps below:
        1. Switch ON the Printer by connecting it with the main power source and pressing its power button on the panel.
        1. Wait for it to start fully.
        1. Place the Printer in the ‘Setup’ mode.
        1. GO online on the official webpage of HP at
        1. Locate and select the ‘Wireless or Network’ option.
        1. Click on the ‘Restore Network’ option.
        1. Connect the Printer and the Computer to the same network connection.
        1. Enter the name and the password of the network to connect it successfully.
        1. Now, open your web browser.
        1. Navigate to the ‘Printer Setup’ option.
        1. Click on the Download button corresponding to ‘HP Easy Start’.
        1. Click on the downloaded link to install the file.
        1. Hit the ‘Continue’ option to allow the file to make changes to the system
        1. If the driver does not detect your computer, click on the option ‘My Printer is not shown’.
        1. Go with the flow of the instructions to reach the software selection area.
        1. Click on the corresponding software.
        1. Your Printer is now ready to use. You can give the printing command and print the test page to check it.
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      HP DeskJet 4720 Printer Setup Using WI-FI Protected Setup (WPS)

      You can perform HP DeskJet 4720 setup in various ways. One of the most common and easiest ways is using the WPS button. It is also known as the Push Button Configuration method. It gives success in almost all cases. You have to perform various steps to follow up with this method and then print the files and documents successfully. You have to check out the Push button on the Printer’s Control Panel. If there is a push-button present on the control panel, then only you can use this method.Push Button helps you to connect multiple devices and is optional in most Printers. Its task is to enable the network data encryption and perform a successful connection. Follow the steps below to perform HP DeskJet 4720 Printer Setup.
          1. Go to Printer’s control panel.
          1. Press and hold the WPS button till the LED light start blinking.
          1. Had over to the router, and clicked on its PBS button.
          1. It will result in fast blinking of the WPS light as compared to earlier.
          1. Now, the Printer will make a successful connection with the Router when the light is blinking fast.
          1. As soon as you configure the stable WPS light, it means that a connection between the Printer and the router is established.
          1. You now require a PIN for the connection process. PIN means the Personal Identification Number of the network you are using.
          1. Press the start button.
          1. Then go to the Network option, and click on the ‘Add Wireless Device’ option.
          1. Select the name of your Printer and click on the ‘Next button.
          1. Now type the eight-digit PIN.
          1. Select the name of your network and click on the ‘Next button.
          1. Your Printer is now ready to use. You can check the secure connectivity by printing a test page. If the test page prints successfully, it means that the connection is established, and the setup is complete. Otherwise, you have to follow up with the troubleshooting procedures to maintain a connection and perform a successful HP DeskJet 4720 Printer Setup.
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        HP DeskJet 4720 Printer Setup using Printer Software
        Another method that is commonly used for HP Printer setup is using the software directly. It is quite an easy approach that you can perform. You must be aware of the driver and software for your Printer to use this method and successfully build a connection for printing, scanning, and copying the files directly from your computer. Check your operating system version and the device compatibility before following up with this method. It is also a type of wireless connection for Printer setup. Follow the steps below:
            1. Open your device.
            1. Navigate to the ‘HP Customer Support’ option.
            1. Now, locate ‘Software and Driver Downloads.
            1. Follow the on-screen instructions to reach the ‘Download and Installation’ section.
            1. Search for the driver software that will work best for your operating system and complete the HP DeskJet 4720 Printer Setup.
            1. Click on the ‘Add a Printer option. It will help you to install the printer’s software.
            1. Navigate to the ‘Wireless Printer’ section, and click on ‘Settings’.
            1. Now click on ‘wireless setup wizard’, and click on the ‘Continue’ button.
            1. Now type the password for ‘Wireless Network’.
            1. Go with the flow of the instruction and make the required changes to the network settings.
            1. Click on the ‘Confirm’ button to end up the HP DeskJet 4720 Printer Setup process.
            1. Your Printer is now ready to take the commands from your system and print it.
          If you face any issues then contact the hp printer support phone number for help.
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