Connecting Your HP Deskjet 3630 to Wi-Fi: A Quick Guide

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Last Updated - December 21, 2023

Connecting Your HP Deskjet 3630 to Wi-Fi: A Quick Guide

HP Desk Jet 3630 is one of the most commonly used Printers due to its high efficiency and low cost. It acts as a multifunctional Printer allowing you to Print, copy and scan the documents. It works with easy compatibility with all the systems, and you can connect the other system either using a USB cable or wirelessly. For an easy wireless connection, you can download the executable connection file at The webpage will provide you with the direct link for HP Easy Start, which you have to download and then install on your device to connect the printer wirelessly.

HP Deskjet 3630 Connect to Wifi using HP Easy Start

HP also allows you to directly connect your printer to a Wifi connection using a single click on a button. It provides an efficient and reliable way to make your connections at home without any professional knowledge. Perform the steps below to connect your Printer to a valid Wifi connection:
      • Open your system.
      • Connect it to a valid internet connection.
      • Now, visit the online website at
      • Click on the “Install HP Easy Start” button.
      • As soon as you click, the executable file will start to download in your system.
      • Now, click on the file which is downloaded at the footer of your Browser’s window.
      • It will start to install.
      • Go with the flow of the instructions and press the finish button.
      • You can configure the successful internet connection to your Printer.
    If you face any issue while proceeding with these steps then you can follow up with the troubleshooting measures to make successful connections. After attaining success, you can therefore continue with all the printing, copying and scanning commands using your WIFI network.Related:

    HP Deskjet 3630 Connect to Wifi – Connecting Printer Wirelessly

    You can connect HP Deskjet to a secure Wifi connection so that you may be able to work wirelessly over a network and operate your printer remotely. Before proceeding with it, first of all, make sure that your network speed is high enough and you are connected with your network securely. Follow the steps below for HP Deskjet 3630 Connect to Wifi:

    Restore Default Settings for Printer’s Network

    Manage the Printer and make it work under the default network settings initially. When you configure that the Printer is working with its default settings, then wait for a minimum of two hours and a maximum of three hours. It will make your Printer work in a “WIFI Setup” mode. Now, continue with the steps below:
        • First, go to Printer’s wireless menu.
        • Navigate to “Network Settings”.
        • Hit the “Restore Network Settings” button.
        • Now, click and hold the Wireless Button for at least three seconds till the ‘attention’ lights glow and flash.
        • Now, wait till the ‘Wireless Light’ glows.
        • You can also perform a simple procedure at to connect your printer wirelessly.

      Install HP Smart App in your Device

      The best way you can work on your Printer to HP Deskjet 3630 Connect to Wifi is by downloading and installing the HP smart app in your device so that you acquire a stable connection throughout. You can download the application by clicking on the App link at, or by visiting the app store or play store. Always prefer to download the app from the authorized site to avoid any virus activity. Follow the steps below to proceed:
          • Firstly, switch ON the device for installing the app, particularly a computer, phone or laptop.
          • Secondly, switch the router ON, and move it closer to the device because it will provide you best network speed and connection.
          • Now, open the WIFI connection in your device and connect it to the available network.
          • Now, to make HP smart Application reachable to other devices, turn ON the Bluetooth of your device. This way, the Printer will be able to reach your device using Bluetooth.
          • Now, after making the secure network connectivity, download the application from the online link at It will certainly help you for HP Deskjet 3630 Connect to Wifi.
          • The system will generate a prompt and show it on the screen, for instance, it will ask you to log in to your Microsoft account. Click on the ‘No Thanks’ button because it is not an integral part of our connection.
          • After installing the app, go to the settings of your device to enable ‘Device Location’. It will help the HP smart app to reach your Printer.
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        Signing To HP Account in App

        After the installation of the HP smart app is complete then move forward to make an account on the app and log in to it to use its services. You can take online help at for proper guidance.
            • Click on the ‘Create an Account’ option to make a new account.
            • Fill in your name, password, email id, address and other essential details.
            • Go with the flow of the instructions, and click on the finish button finally to end up.
            • After that, log in to your account using your credentials.
            • Locate the option for ‘Add Printer’ and hit it.
            • Follow the instructions to complete the setup process.
          WIFI Connection
          Lastly, you can make a secure connection between the device and the Printer and start printing, copying and scanning. You can initially start by printing a test page, for instance, to check the connection. The entire connection procedure is available at You can follow it and use it for the connection. Alternatively, follow the steps below to connect the device wirelessly:
              • First, go to the control panel of your Printer.
              • Now, connect the Printer and the WIFI by entering the credentials such as name and password.
              • Move the router and place it close to the printer.
              • Navigate to the menu bar, and click on the ‘wireless setting’ option.
              • Search the name of your network and type its password in the blank field.
              • Hit the enter key.
              • Hence,
              • Move to the control panel of the Printer.
              • Now, use your WIFI network connection to connect it to the printer.
              • Place the router and the Printer close to each other.
              • Open the menu bar, and go to “Wireless Settings”.
              • Choose the name corresponding to your network, and then type the password for it.
              • Hit the connect button.
              • Hence you achieve success in HP Deskjet 3630 Connect to Wifi
            Lastly, you may need to check the connection. You can do this by sending a command to print the test page. If it prints successfully, it means you can continue using your printer wirelessly. Otherwise, you may need to follow up with some troubleshooting procedures to resolve the issue and connect your printer securely.If you need any help, then contact hp printer support.
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