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Brother hl-2270DW Wireless Setup

Printer has become necessity in today’s life. The important device has its huge say in day to day life. Printers have brought huge revolution in human life. Whether printing textbooks, banners or referring to piece of information, printers cater to all your needs. Brother produces some of genuinely quality printers. The printers produce quality printouts while catering to daily workload needs. Brother Printers are versatile, reliable and get some real work done. Are you facing difficulty with Brother 2270DW Wireless Setup? Automatic Wireless mode Such as AOSS or Wi-Fi Protected Setup can be used to configure your Brother hl-2270DW Wireless Setup.

Follow the easy steps below to be able to do it yourself

  • For proceeding with Brother 2270DW Wireless Setup, first ensure that is close to router or access point.
  • Plug the power cord and turn the printer on.
  • Now loss for AOSS or WPS button on router or access point and press it down for few seconds.
  • Thereafter, press the wireless setup button at rear of printer for 2 seconds. Use the ballpoint tip to press it.
  • Ensure to avoid it pressing for more than 2 seconds. Doing so, will change PIN method of Wi-Fi protected setup.
  • If the mode changes, you need to wait for 5 minutes to clear it up.
  • Or, turn of the printer and start the process all over again for Brother hl-2270DW Wireless Setup.
  • The machine will search for a WLAN access point/router that supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup or AOSS for 2 minutes. The Toner LED will blink (turn on for 0.2 seconds and off for 0.1 second) during the course of time.
  • While the printer is connecting to WLAN router/access point, Toner and Drum LEDS will blink (turn on for 0.2 seconds and off for 0.1 second)
  • Proceed with Brother Printer Setup by waiting till Ready LED of your machine indicates Connected. For 5 mins Ready LED will remain on. This indicates means the printer has successfully connected to your WLAN access point/router.
  • If Ready LED doesn’t flash, then the printer has failed to establish the connection. You can check the error code on printed WLAN report for the issue with Brother hl-2270DW Wireless Setup

Installing the driver

  • Ensure that computer is turned on and you are logged in with Administrative rights.
  • Insert the CD-ROM in CD-ROM drive. You can go to download section of Brother Support page, to install the same, if somehow you do not have CD-ROM.
  • Installation screen will POP up automatically. Select model and language when prompted for same.
  • Now you will see CD-ROM main menu. Hit Install Printer Driver and procced by clicking yes to accept license agreement.
  • Click Allow or yes, when user account screen pops up.
  • Now follow the On-screen instructions to complete the setup.

You are done with Brother 2270DW wireless Setup. In case of any difficulty in obtaining the same, communicate with experts at Brother Support to obtain advanced help.


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