Brother Printer Not Printing Black

Last Updated - April 1, 2023

How to Fix Brother Printer Not Printing Black? 

We all know that the brother printer is a renowned name in offering the most powerful and advanced printers but like any other printer, they also suffer from common printing issues. And one of them is when Brother Printer Not Printing Black. Exactly no one can understand how these issues arise as there are many factors that can affect the user’s experience by not printing black. Although brother printers are reliable if they do not use adequately and in a timely manner users can get the various errors as the ink in the nozzles can be dried up.

Brother printers only support standard ink cartridges when users try to use the non-genuine cartridge they have to face Brother Printer Not Printing Black issues. But don’t need to get tensed as these issues are most common and can be resolved if follow some if the troubleshooting steps correctly. Moreover, if you don’t know how to resolve or unable to follow the desired steps you can reach out to the technician’s available at the helpdesk for instant and reliable solutions.

Common Reasons Why Brother Printer Not Printing Black Issues Arise?

There are various reasons by which users Brother Printer Not Printing Black and affect the printing experience. Most of the time users think that the issues are associated with the new cartridge but that’s not the most common issue. Some of the issues are listed below:

Clogged Nozzle Or Intake Valve – One of the most common factors by which your Brother Printer Not Printing Black is jammed or clogged valve or nozzle. When users don’t use printers for a long time the nozzles located under the cartridge ink outlet are unable to transfer the required ink as they are clogged.

Faulty Or Broken Cables – Sometimes the main reason by which your Brother Printer Not Printing Black is linked with the faulty cables. Cables that are used to connect the print head to the printer. When the cable is broken or faulty the printer is unable to transmit the command to the print head as the printing operation is affected or interrupted. It is important to check the cable within a desired period of time.

Unremoved Breather Tape From Cartridge – This is the most common reason associated with the Brother Printer Not Printing Black. Sometimes users forget to remove the breathing tape from the new cartridges and get the black ink not printing issues. When breathe tapes are not fully removed from the cartridge they can create the unwanted vacuum and the ink is unable to print the black color automatically.

Faulty Purge Pumps – Another reason why Brother Printer Not Printing Black issues can arise because of faulty purge pumps as well. Basically, purge pumps are essential devices that are used to install the cartridge in an effective manner. When purge pumps became faulty the ink cartridge is unable to transfer the required ink into the print head and printer.

Low-Quality Cartridges – We all know that Brother Printers only supports the generic printer ink cartridges. When users try to use the low-quality ink cartridges Brother Printer Not Printing Black issues will arise anytime. If the cartridge ink is unsuitable for the brother printer then it can get trouble while flowing into the nozzles. Printing inks contain numerous chemicals which make them unique and different from each other and offer easy flow as well that’s why it is important to avoid low quality ink cartridges.

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How To Resolve Brother Printer Not Printing Black Issues

If your Brother Printer Not Printing Black and you don’t know how to resolve them properly don’t get stressed follow some of the essential steps and make your printing experience more reliable. We understand that it is very annoying and frustrating when we need to print some urgent files and the printer is unable to perform as per our expectations. Some of the methods are listed below:

Remove The Tap – Ink cartridges come with a magnetic tap. When users forget to remove that tap they get the issues while printing. So it is important to remove the cartridge tap gently and then install it properly. If the cartridge is remained sealed or any broken piece id left then Brother Printer Not Printing Black issues will affect the users experience simultaneously.

Clean Print Head Properly – Print head is one of the most important parts of the printer by which users can print the desired documents. If the print head is dirty users Brother Printer Not Printing Black issues can affect the printing experience. So it is important to clean the print head with a gentle soft cloth and cancel all the printing tasks and restart the brother printer to eliminate the black ink issues.

Reinstall The Ink Cartridge – If you’re Brother Printer Not Printing Black then these issues can be resolved by installing the ink cartridge again in a proper manner. If you don’t know how to reinstall the ink cartridges then follow these steps:

  • First of all, users need to open the cartridge panel.
  • After that unlock the cartridge and remove it gently from the printer.
  • Now, inspect that there are no taps or broken particles left on the cartridge.
  • Now put it back and install properly until you head a sound from cartridge lock.

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Use Genuine Purge Pump – Purge pump is used to transfer the printing ink between the printer and printer head through nozzles in the desired flow. If it became faulty or clogged users experience get affected and Brother Printer Not Printing Black issues arise, it is essential to use a genuine purge pump so that ink flow cannot be affected and the nozzles can be cleaned properly.

If you tried everything and still your Brother Printer Not Printing Black then you need to reach out to our 24*7 Brother Printer Setup helpdesk. Our expert and certified technicians make sure that you get the best reliable solutions within no time for most of the brother printer issues.

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