Canon Printer Not Showing Up on Network: Troubleshooting Guide

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Last Updated - December 12, 2023

Canon Printer Not Showing Up on Network: Troubleshooting Guide

Canon Printer Not Showing Up on Network

While working on a crucial project and you are about to print papers just before the presentation, your Canon printer stops working. There could be many reasons. It could be that the printer is not detectable on the system, but why is this happening? If the Canon printer not showing up on network, there could be some issues with your technical settings or some LAN network issues. But what if the problem is bigger than we are thinking?

Let us guide you through the possible error causes if you cannot find your Cannon Printer on the network. We will also explain how to overcome the problem.

Reasons for the Canon Printer Not Showing Up on Network

It can be frustrating that the Canon printer is not showing up on a network in immediate use. Here are some possible reasons:

Printer is Off, Frozen, or Disconnected

  • Make sure to check whether the printer is on and showing a live connection.
  • If it is on, the green light will blink at the back of the printer.
  • While the printer is locally connected to another computer through a physical connection, the computer should be at the login screen showing a live connection.
  • Moreover, if the printer freezes and does not respond, restart it to make it work.

When the Computer is Not Connected with the Office LAN

  • The computer must be connected to the office’s local network for printers.
  • It helps to show up the Add Printer Wizard on devices and printers.
  • When you are working in the office, it is easy to check through the physical connection between the computer and the printer’s switch or router.
  • While working from outside the office, you must create a virtual private network (VPN), which helps in making a connection with your company first.

If a Network Discovery is Impaired on the Computer

  • Network discovery helps to find other computers and devices within the office network, and similarly, those devices can see you.
  • Suppose, the feature is not enabled; you cannot see all the available working printers.
  • To start, you must press start, then type network in the search box, and select network and sharing centre.
  • Herein, you can click on Change Advanced Sharing Settings, and enlarge the home or work network profile.
  • Now, click on Turn on Network Discovery, and lastly click Save Changes to save the settings.

When File and Printer Sharing is Off on the Print Server

  • To access the printers or other computer devices, file and print sharing should be enabled on the print server.
  • However, when this feature is off, no one can view or connect to any printers on the server in the office.
  • It also includes locally shared printers that are physically connected to the computer.
  • To make it work, go to the network and sharing centre, now choose to turn on file and printer sharing.
  • Lastly, click Save Changes to save all the settings.

Canon Printer Undetectable on Network – Basic Troubleshooting

canon printer not showing up on network

Sometimes, printers can be a very confusing piece of technology that requires a lot of work. So, if your Canon printer is not showing up on the network, then you can follow these steps to resolve the concern.

Software Updation

It can be a time-saver method to start when troubleshooting any device issues is to update the software and firmware. The Canon printer requires regular updates, which can get the Wi-Fi connection going in no time. The easiest way to fix this is to solve the connection issues caused by software bugs. One can update the printer software regularly from the website. Otherwise, be sure that the computer is updated.

Restart or Unplug the Printer

Sometimes, people make fun of the fact of rebooting the system. Yet, it helps to fix the problem, as it might happen because of a glitch in the software. Moreover, switching on and off the printer can help to reboot the process and allow the system to work correctly. It can also help in solving issues like overloading and minor glitches. But, this is not the permanent solution to the problem.

Range of the Router

Normally, printers do not have a range in terms of distance that other devices have. However, if it is connected via Wifi, then make sure it is in the working range of the router. It is suggested to keep the Canon printer beside the computer. Also, in some instances, keeping the Canon printer the same as the router can also catch the signal.

Remove the Printer from the Computer

Even though the Canon printer is connected to your PC it still won’t show up on a network, and you can solve it by removing the printer as a device from the computer and connecting again. One can do this by:

  • On the computer, click the start tab, situated at the left side of the taskbar.
  • In the new window, click on the devices tab.
  • Now select printers and scanners.
  • Herein, a list of printers and scanners will be shown.
  • From the list, choose the name of the printer and scanner that one has to remove.
  • Now, select the “remove device” option.

Advance Troubleshooting Steps to Connect the Printer

You may have checked your cables, wire, and router strength, but the problem of the Canon printer not showing up on the network still persists. Moreover, if a specific network printer port has a problem during installation, then the device may not be seen in the shared printer list. Here are some major technical methods to troubleshoot the error.

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Device Settings are Not Correct

  • Make sure to check the configuration is set in the device.
  • The IPv4 or IPv6 protocol settings are enabled.
  • Multicast discovery settings are ON.
  • PDL Selection and the page description language of the device must be the same.
  • However, see the device manual for more details about the setting method for the page description language function of the printer.

When the Network Settings of the System is Incorrect

If your Canon printer won’t show up on the network, then also check the configurations in the network settings of the operating system. If these settings are missing, then you configure them by following these simple steps.

  • In Windows 10/Server 2016/Server 2019, go to settings, then choose ethernet, and click network and sharing centre.
  • Now, go to “View Your Active Networks” and check the network profile that is under use.
  • Now, click “Change advanced sharing setting.”
  • If network discovery is turned off then select the “Turn ON” network discovery.
  • Now, save the changes.

OS Does Not Detect Such Devices

There can be an error in the settings of the OS, that does not detect your Canon printer. You can take the following action to make your Canon Printer detectable.

  • Go to “Control Panel.”
  • Now under the “Program” option, select the “Program and Features option.”
  • Select the “Turn Windows feature ON or OFF” option.
  • Enable the “SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support” and press OK.
  • Now, restart the computer to enable the new setting.

Network Environment in Which Devices Cannot be Located 

  • In a TCP/IP network environment, set it accordingly so that the device and the computer are on the same subnet.
  • Meanwhile, install the driver by identifying a port or IP address when the device is connected to a network environment that does not use either TCP/IP or WSD.

Causes of Canon Printer Not Showing Up on Network in Your Mac

There can be times when your Canon printer is not showing up on the network in your Mac and there can be many reasons for the cause.

Wires and Cables Used for the Connection

First, you must check the cables connecting your Canon printer and MacBook. The connection may not exist can be the reason for Mac to not accept the printer. You must ensure that the cable is perfectly connected. Nevertheless, you can try different ports but if it still does not support it, the last option is to change the cable.

Problem Due to Software

When the right software is not installed for printer devices on your Mac, then it would be a problem to recognize the printer. You are required to troubleshoot to know the exact reason whether the correct software is used or not.

Issues in Drivers and Applications

These issues can arise when there is a problem relating to drivers and printer applications. Hence, if the software or the printer is installed on the Mac yet is not updated, then this might be the reason for not showing the Canon printer on the network of your device. You can easily check the software update online and update the device if it is not.

Because of the Network Problem

If the network is weak, then it could possibly cause problems in the detection of the Canon printer. There could be possibly no connection between the network and the MacBook. Thus, it becomes hard for a Mac device to recognize the printer. It happens when Mac system networks go via Apple Talk. Moreover, if you see that the file sharing is unavailable and the web browser keeps on turning off, then it will not be possible to communicate with the printer. You can check whether the Apple Talk is active or not initially.

Ways to Fix the Canon Printer Not Showing Up on Mac

Sometimes, the Canon printer goes offline and does not show signals on Mac. You can take the following actions to fix your Canon Printer in such a case.

Check the Printer is ON

The first step is to check that the Canon printer is on from the main switch or from the printer’s button. If the green light is blinking that means the device is on. You can check whether the printer is connected to the local Wi-Fi network and also ensure that your MacBook is connected to the network.

Restart Both the Printer and the Mac

However, here is a trick to make something start: restart the device. Sometimes, a simple reboot can connect the systems and make it work. But, still, if the printer is showing to be offline, reset the printer’s printing setting on the Mac. It will help in removing all the present printer queues and will reset all the settings to their default.

Re-install the Canon Printer Application

Once the printer is reset, you can install the Canon printer application again on the Mac. Go to the system preferences and then to printers and scanners, and at last click on the add icon to add a new printer. Ensure to choose the right tabs and also to add the correct printer model.

Contact the Support Team

If, after doing all the tricks and troubleshooting, the Canon printer still does not show up on the network, then you must contact the support team of the Canon and seek their assistance. They will try to solve your problem effectively.

Tips to Avoid the Issue of Canon Printer Not Showing Up on Network

Whether you own a Windows OS PC, laptop, or Macbook, there are some general tips to ensure that your printer is effective in connection with your network. Following these tips can avoid the problem of whether a Canon Printer or any other printer is not showing up on your network.

  • Make sure all the cables and wires are secure.
  • Verify the printer device is set as a default device.
  • Put the printer, access points, or router in such a place where there are no obstacles.
  • Check whether the settings of the main unit are correct.
  • Review the settings of the firewall security software.
  • The application and system must be updated regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Canon printer not showing up on the network?

If your Canon printer is not showing up on the network, it can be because of many reasons:

  • Check if the printer’s switch is on and the green light is blinking.
  • Whether the computer is connected to the LAN network.
  • Whether your system is updated or not.

How to fix the Cannon printer not showing up on Mac?

One can easily fix the link between the printer and the MacBook by restarting both devices. You can also check the network settings and update the drivers for smooth functioning.

How the software update will fix the offline Canon printer on the computer?

The regular updates on PCs and drivers eliminate the bugs from the computer. If your printer is offline, it is probably because the software is outdated. Updating the printer will automatically align it with the PC’s configuration, causing it to run effectively.

How to check if the LAN is connected to the computer?

For the effective working of a printer in an office, it must be connected to the office’s local network. Since it is on the LAN, the Add Printer Wizard option will show up on devices and printers. When working in the office, check the connection between the computer and the printer’s switch or router.

Can corrupt drivers cause the missing of Canon printers from the network?

Yes, if the printer driver is corrupted, your Canon printer won’t work. Moreover, the Canon printer won’t show up on your network. The only way to fix is to update the printer driver.

What is the other way to bring back your Canon printer online?

If your Canon printer is not showing up on your network, either with a Mac or any other device, you can connect it with a USB cable.

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