Fixed! Canon Printer Says Inaccurate “Paper Size is Incorrect”

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Last Updated - December 13, 2023

Fixed! Canon Printer Says Inaccurate “Paper Size is Incorrect”

Canon Printers are high-quality printers that provide reliable printing solutions with minimum possibility of errors. You can use Canon printers for printing, scanning, and copying the files. You can print the documents by aligning the papers that match the requirements of the model you are using. Each canon printer demands different specifications of the paper according to the design of the machine. In case the input tray does not contain the specific paper size, then you may face the printing error “Canon Printer Wrong Paper Size”. There are also certain other reasons for the problem which you need to take care of.

Why Does My Canon Printer Says Wrong Paper Size?

The canon Printer’s Wrong Paper Size issue can be due to the use of different paper sizes or types for the printer. You need to make sure that the paper you are aligning in the input tray matches the requirements of the Canon printer. It can also be due to any changes in the regional settings of the paper. If the user changes the paper settings to the default one and mentions the different paper sizes, then you may likely face an issue while printing. So, you need to make sure to use the correct paper for your printer.Not only does the paper size matter but also the user has to take into account the type of paper it is using. If the paper type does not match the requirements of the printer, then also you may face the error. Also, in case of the wrong alignment of the papers in the input tray, the user may face the same issue. So, it is recommended to align the papers correctly and adjust them using the guides on the tray to avoid such issues with the Canon printer.Also check: Fix Canon support code 6000

Troubleshoot and Resolve – Canon Printer Wrong Paper Size

There is a quick and easy process to fix the “Wrong paper Size” issue for your Canon Printer. The user has to change the default paper size on the printer the solution the problem. So, follow the steps below:

Remove and reload the paper to the Input Tray

Firstly, you can start to resolve the problem by removing the paper from the input tray and then reloading it again. Sometimes, you may face the wrong paper size error due to improper alignment of the paper in the tray. So, follow the steps below to fix the issue.
    • Remove all the papers in the input tray.
    • Then, align the papers by tapping their sides properly.
    • Again place the paper in the tray, and adjust the guides so that the papers stack properly in the tray.
    • Finally, perform the print and check for the solution of the problem Canon Printer Wrong Paper Size.

Change Default Paper Settings

    • Firstly, click on the ‘Start’ button.
    • After that, go to the Settings option.
    • Then, click on ‘Printers’.
    • Now, right-click on the specific name of the printer.
    • Select the properties.
    • Navigate to the ‘paper’ tab and click on it.
    • Finally, choose the paper size that you wish to use.
    • Now, send the print command and check for the solution to the error Canon Printer Wrong Paper Size. If the error persists then follow the next step.

Specify the Height and Width of the Paper

The user can go to the quick setup tab and make the changes in the custom size of the paper. Custom paper settings allow you to specifically mention the width and the height of the paper. So, follow the steps below to resolve Canon Printer Wrong Paper Size
    • Firstly, open the “Printer Driver Setup Window”.
    • After that, click on “Paper Size”.
    • Go to the Page Setup tab and click on “Page Size”.
    • A dialog box will appear on the screen. You can set the Custom Paper Size in this window.
    • Select the height and width of the paper.
    • Click on the OK button.
    • Again click the OK button in the next window.
    • Finally, check for the solution to the problem.
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Reset the Canon Printer

There can be any hardware problems and error states of the printer due to which it may show an error while printing. You can fix the Canon Printer Wrong Paper Size error by resetting the printer. So, follow the steps below to reset:
    • Turn ON the printer.
    • Now, disconnect it from the main power source directly. You can check the rear of the printer to access the power cord.
    • After that, wait for one minute.
    • Again connect the printer to the main power source.
    • Turn the printer ON.
    • Connect it with the internet and then proceed with the printing task.
    • Check for the solution to the problem,
If still, you still do not get the solution to the Canon Printer Wrong Paper Size problem, then you can contact the Canon customer care executive to fix the issue. The expert representative will provide you with the best solution within minutes.You can call the executive on the official toll-free phone number 1860 180 3366. The expert agent is present 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can call anytime to resolve your concern and demand the professional help of the executive.Apart from calling the customer care executive, the users facing the [problem can also approach the Canon expert online and demand help and support for their issues. Canon also has an online help center where there is a direct listing of the solutions to major problems that the users may face in their daily lives with the Canon printers. You can directly access or search the list for the issue Canon Printer Wrong Paper Size, and get the listed solution within seconds. This way you can resolve the problem quickly and professionally.More Helpful GuidesFix Canon Printer Error B200 Canon Support
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