Epson Printer Offline

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Last Updated - October 16, 2023

Epson Printer Offline

Technology knows no bounds; there was a time when people had to roll the crank to print manually. Nowadays, you can just touch the print option on your phone’s screen, and your printer does the rest.
Gone are the days when printers used to be a device-specific to offices. That is to say, in the modern world, you’ll find a printer in most homes. Thus, it is predictable that many people face several issues with this technology marvel. After all, no technology is infallible. However, if you’re asking yourself, why is my Epson printer offline. In that case, today is your lucky day.

Why is My Epson Printer Offline?

      • Hanged Printer
      • Software Bug
      • Printer Set Up for Offline Use
      • Connection Error Between the Printer & the System
      • Damaged/Defective Connectors
      • Corrupted Printer Software
      • Error in Spooler Service
      • Stuck Print Jobs
      • Printer Not Set as Default
      • Outdated Drivers

    How to Fix When Epson Printer is Offline

    There are a couple of methods to fix the issues that result in your Epson Printer Offline error:
        • Hard Shut Down – Your device may often hang for several reasons. However, before trying any of the more complicated & permanent fixes, let’s try a hard shutdown.
          • Resetting Printer – Mostly, errors like these occur due to any problem with the software/settings. These are non-specific issues you can solve by resetting the printer.
        Causes Software Bug
            • Check Printer Connection to Your System – Although it seems like common sense. However, your printer is not properly connected to your system most of the time. Especially if it is a hardwire connection. However, it could also be due to obstacles blocking the Wi-Fi signals.
          Causes Connection Error Between the Printer & the SystemDamaged/Defective Connectors
              • Set Printer for Online Use – Also, you could’ve set your printer for offline use. Thus, preventing it from going online.
            Cause Printer Set Up for Offline Use
                • Update/Reinstall Printer Driver on Your System – Drivers are essential for the proper functioning of any hardware. Thus, the name: Drivers. That is to say; an outdated or corrupted driver will severely hamper the functioning of your printer.
              Cause Outdated Drivers
                  • Set the Printer as Default – Lastly, you may not have set your printer as the default printing hardware. Consequently, resulting in your printer not going online
                Cause Printer Not Set as Default
                    • Fix Spooler Error/Activate Spooler – In short, the Spooler Service is a built-in application in Windows. Its purpose is to store print jobs before they are processed temporarily.
                  Cause Error in Spooler ServicesPrint Jobs Stuck
                  *Therefore, let us discuss how to apply these solutions. However, every model of printer has different ways of performing diagnostic functions. Thus, before any fixes, you must have your printer manual handy. In case you don’t have a physical copy of the manual, you can download one. Related: Dell printer offline issue

                  How to Download Your Epson Printer Manual?

                      • Firstly, visit the Printer Support on the official Epson website.
                            • Then, either enter your printer’s name & model or select it step-by-step from the list.
                            • Once the selection is complete, scroll down and click on Manuals & Warranty.
                            • Then, click on PDF next to the guide you wish to see.

                      Step-By-Step Guide to Resetting/Hard Shutdown Your Epson Printer

                          • Resetting Printer
                        *Although resetting process is similar in almost every printer model. However, check your manual to be sure; below is the general guide to reset your printer.
                            • Firstly, power down your printer and locate the reset button on the backside.
                                  • Secondly, while holding the reset button, power on the printer again.
                                  • Lastly, the device will print a message stating the reset.
                            *Now you can set up your printer & check if it is working correctly.
                                • Hard Shutdown
                                      • Firstly, turn on your printer. In case it has a battery, remove it.
                                      • Secondly, with the printer powered on, remove the power cord from the back of the printer.
                                      • Thirdly, turn off the wall socket and remove the other end of the cable.
                                      • After that, let it idle for five minutes for the current to cycle & discharge.
                                      • Then, connect the cable back into the printer & the wall socket.
                                      • Lastly, turn on your printer & see if it is working.

                                How to Fix – Connection Error Between the Printer & the System & Damaged/Defective Connectors?

                                    • Firstly, we’ll check if your printer’s connector cable is damaged or not (only for physical connection).
                                          • Therefore, go to the back of the printer and follow the cable that connects it to your system.
                                          • All the while inspecting for any breaks or damage.
                                          • Then check the sockets on both your printer and system to see if it’s properly connected.
                                      • Secondly, we’ll check if the printer is connected to your network.
                                            • Using your printer’s guide, enter the Setup mode.
                                            • Then, select Network Settings and then select Check Network Connection.
                                            • Once you’ve done that, come back to the Network Setting menu.
                                            • After that, select Troubleshoot for Network Connection.
                                      *The troubleshooting report will tell you if there is any connection problem with the printer. Related: Epson L355 Setup

                                      Solution for Epson Printer Setup for Offline Use

                                          • Firstly, using the manual, reboot your printer.
                                          • Once the reboot is done & your printer has been reinitialized.
                                          • Then, click on Start & open the Control Panel on your system.
                                          • After that, depending on the “view by:” open the printer settings:
                                                • Category
                                                      • At first, click on Hardware & Sound.
                                                      • Then click on Device & Printers.
                                                  • Large/Small Icons
                                                        • Select Devices & Printers.
                                                • Once you’ve opened it, right-click on your Epson printer & select “See What’s Printing.”
                                                • Then select Printer & uncheck the “Use Printer Offline.”

                                              How to Update/Reinstall Epson Printer Driver on Your PC?

                                                  • Firstly, you’ll need to uninstall any previous printer driver.
                                                        • At first, open the Control Panel and open Devices & Printers.
                                                        • Then, single click on your Epson printer & click on “Print Server Properties” on the toolbar on top.
                                                        • After that, click on the Drivers tab.
                                                        • Lastly, select the drivers & click on Remove.
                                                    • Secondly, download your Epson printer driver.
                                                          • Visit the official Epson website, and click on Support.
                                                          • Then click on Printers & search for your printer.
                                                                • Type in your printer’s name & click on Search.
                                                                • Or, step-by-step, select your printer’s –
                                                                      • Type
                                                                      • Series
                                                                      • Model
                                                              • Once you’ve located your printer, scroll down & click on the (+) symbol next to the Drivers tab.
                                                              • Then, click on the Download button next to the drivers compatible with your system.
                                                          • Thirdly, install your driver.
                                                                • At first, visit the location of the downloaded files.
                                                                • Then open the drivers’ setup and follow the instructions to complete installation.
                                                            • Lastly, reboot your PC & check if your printer is working.

                                                          Guide to Set Your Epson as the Default Printer

                                                              • Firstly, you need to open your Control Panel from the Start menu.
                                                              • Secondly, depending on the “view by:” open the printer settings:
                                                                    • Category
                                                                          • At first, click on Hardware & Sound.
                                                                          • Then click on Device & Printers.
                                                                      • Large/Small Icons
                                                                            • Select Devices & Printers.
                                                                    • Thirdly, check whether you’ve set your printer as default from the list of printers. In order to check this, look for a “Green Tick Mark” symbol below your printer.
                                                                    • Lastly, right-click on your printer if your printer isn’t the default. Then click on “Set as Default Printer.”
                                                                  Thus, you’ve now set your Epson printer as the default printing device for your system. Therefore, check & see if it is online now. Related: Epson L3110 Wifi Setup
                                                                  Possible Solutions for Issues With the Spooler Services
                                                                      • Firstly, you need to access the Spooler Services, to do that:
                                                                            • Click on Start, and in the search field, type Run.
                                                                            • Then in the Run Command Window, type “Services.msc” without the quotation marks. Then click on OK.
                                                                            • Once the Services window is open, scroll down till you find the “Printer Spooler.”
                                                                          • Start Spooler Services – This is only applicable if the status field next to the spooler services is empty.
                                                                                • At first, right-click on it and click on Start.
                                                                                • After that, the windows will initialize the Spooler Services.
                                                                                • Once you’ve done that, reboot your system & check if the printer is working.
                                                                              • Clear the Stuck Print Jobs
                                                                                    • At first, right-click on the “Printer Spooler.”
                                                                                    • Then click on Properties in the context menu.
                                                                                    • After that, click on Stop and OK below the Service Status heading.
                                                                                    • Then, again open the Printer Spooler & click on Start.
                                                                              If you need more help then contact epson printer support team.
                                                                              Q. Why has my Epson printer gone offline? To summarize, depending on your printer type, there are several reasons for it to go offline. For instance:
                                                                                  • Defected Hardware
                                                                                  • Outdated Driver
                                                                                  • Corrupted Driver/Software
                                                                                  • Wi-Fi Error
                                                                                  • System Bug, etc.
                                                                                However, you can fix most of them by yourself. Q. Does my wireless printer need to be connected to the router? In short, no, unlike the name suggests, wireless printers are also hardwired to your system. That is to say; they also have a cable connection that enables them to work offline. Q. Why is my Epson wireless printer not working? Multiple reasons can hamper the normal functioning of a wireless printer. These are:
                                                                                    • Network Error
                                                                                    • Outdated Driver
                                                                                    • Device Outside the Wi-Fi Router’s Range.
                                                                                    • Clogged Printhead
                                                                                    • Software Error
                                                                                    • Bug
                                                                                    • Defective Hardware
                                                                                    • Printer is Offline
                                                                                  However, the customer can fix most of these without any professional help.
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