How To setup HP Deskjet 2755e WiFi & Connect to Printer

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Last Updated - February 6, 2024

How To setup HP Deskjet 2755e WiFi & Connect to Printer

HP Deskjet 2755e wifi setup

HP Deskjet 2755e Printer is a wireless printer. This means this printer can be connected to the computer without cables. The procedure of the HP Deskjet 2755e  setup is straightforward. There are multiple ways through which an HP Deskjet 2755e printer can be set up. In this guide, we’ll discuss all those ways.

But before setting up any printer, downloading and installing the driver is necessary. So, firstly, let’s see how to download and install a driver. Later, we’ll discuss the ways of HP Deskjet 2755e setup and some FAQs as well.

Step By Step Guide For HP Deskjet 2755e Setup WiFi

Before starting the process of the HP DeskJet 2755e setup, it is necessary to download the driver. Here are the quick and simple instructions that you can follow to download the HP Printer Drive.

  • Firstly, go to the Software and Drivers Download option under the official HP website.
  • Next, enter the printer name, HP Deskjet 2755e, in the search box.
  • Then click on it from the given list.
  • After that, select the Software, Firmware, and Drivers tab.
  • Now, tap on the OS option and click on the Change button.
  • Next, click on the Driver Product Installation Software Section.
  • Then, you’ll get the option to install the HP Smart and add your printer option to the screen.
  • Scroll down and tap on the ‘Install’ button.
  • The Microsoft or App Store will be opened based on your OS.
  • Now, review the driver options and download the ones that are useful for you.
  • Lastly, follow the on-screen prompts to install the Driver correctly.

Install the HP Deskjet 2755e Setup Driver

HP Deskjet 2755e setup

You can install the driver in your HP Deskjet 2755e by following the simple guidelines explained below:

  • The first step is to ensure that your HP Deskjet 2755e Printer is connected to your wireless network.
  • Also, make sure that your computer is connected to the same wireless network.
  • Now, download and create an HP account to access your HP printer’s functions.
  • Once your HP Smart App is downloaded, the installation app.
  • Next, open your HP smart app.
  • After that tap on the + button and add the HP Deskjet 2755e printer app.
  • Lastly, complete the installation process.

Steps to Download & Setup HP Deskjet 2755e Printer Using CDs/DVDs

hp deskjet 2755e setup guide

If you have downloaded the HP Deskjet 2755e printer software from the official website of HP, then follow the given steps, which will help you in installing and setting up the printer.

  • Connect your printer HP Deskjet 2755e setup to the power outlet, then turn it ON.
  • Next, insert the installation CD of your  HP Deskjet 2755e into your computer’s DVD/CD Driver.
  • After that, tap on the ‘Install Driver’ option to start the installation procedure.
  • Now, follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation procedure.
  • Once the installation process is complete, launch the HP Deskjet 2755e software from your computer’s desktop.
  • Next, choose the  “Wireless Setup Wizard” from the settings to connect your Printer to a wireless network.
  • After that, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the HP Deskjet 2755e setup.

Setup the HP DeskJet 2755e Printer To WiFi

hp deskjet 2755e wireless setup , how to setup hp deskjet 2755e to wifi

If you are looking for the steps to set up your HP DeskJet 2755e Printer to your wifi, then follow the given instructions:

  • The first step is to power on your HP Deskjet 2755e Printer and ensure that it is connected to the same network as your mobile device or computer.
  • Next, open your HP Smart App either on your mobile phone or computer.
  • Now, go to the menu, select the ‘Printers’, and then choose the ‘Add Printers’ option.
  • Lastly, select your printer from the list of available printers and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup procedure.
  • By following the above-mentioned steps, you’ll be able to set up your HP Deskjet 2755e Printer with the Wifi.

If the HP Deskjet 2755e Printer is Not Connecting to WiFi

If you notice that your HP 2755e Printer is not set up with the Wifi, then here are a few things that you can consider to troubleshoot the issue:

  • First, you must ensure that your HP Deskjet printer is turned ON and within the range of your WiFi router.
  • If that doesn’t work, try resetting the printer.
  • To do this, unplug the printer from power, then wait 30 seconds before plugging it back in.
  • Once the printer powers on, try connecting to Wifi again.
  • If you still have any doubts about performing the HP Deskjet 2755e setup to the wifi, contact HP support for further assistance.

Setup the HP Deskjet 2755e with a USB Cable

how to setup hp deskjet 2755e

Another way to set up your Deskjet 2655e Printer is through a USB cable. Here are instructions for setting up your HP printer using a USB cable.

  • If you are already connected to your computer by the printer USB cable, then disconnect it and remove your HP Deskjet Printer from your computer.
  • Also, search and open the Printers and Scanners option and select your printer’s name from the list.
  • Also, tap the Remove device, click Yes, and restart your computer.
  • Also, make sure an open USB port is available on your computer. Additionally, ensure not to connect the HP printer to a docking station or USB hub.
  • In addition, go to the HP Smart – Microsoft store, and then install and open the HP Smart app.
  • Also, if the setup does not begin automatically, then tap on the ‘Add Icon’ to add your printer.
  • Lastly, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the HP Deskjet 2755e printer setup.

HP Deskjet 2755e Setup With USB With a Built-in Driver (Windows)

hp deskjet 2755e bluetooth setup

When you connect your HP Deskjet Printer with the USB, windows is installed automatically and adds your printer to provide the basic printing functionality.

  • Ensure that there is an open USB port available on your computer. Also, if you are using a docking station or USB hub, your printer might not get enough power to operate properly.
  • In addition, connect your Printer USB cable to the computer.
  • If you see a ‘Found New Hardware’ message on your screen, then follow any prompts to install the driver, and then to confirm the connection, send a print job.
  • If the print job or printer connection fails, continue with the steps.
  • Search for and open the Printers and Scanners option.
  • Next, tap on the Add a printer or scanner option.
  • If your HP printer is in the list, then select it, tap on the Add device, and follow the prompts to install the driver.
  • However, if your printer is not on the list, then continue with the steps.
  • Click on the Printer I want that is not listed, then choose Add a local printer or network printer with the manual settings.
  • Tap on the Next option, select Use an existing port, select the (USB001: Virtual printer port for USB) from the drop-down menu, and then hit the Next option.
  • If prompted, tap on the Windows update and then wait for the printer drivers to finish updating.
  • Under Manufacturer, choose the HP option and then select your printer’s name.
  • Select the Next option, and then follow the on-screen instructions to install the driver.
  • Lastly, disconnect and then reconnect the USB cable to finish your Printer Setup.

Connect Your HP Deskjet 2755e Printer to the Network

Follow the simple steps given below to set up your HP Deskjet 2755e Printer to the network:

  • Firstly, start by connecting your HP Deskjet 2755e printer to your computer using a USB cable.
  • Now, open the HP Printer and scan Doctor.
  • Next, tap on the Network tab and press the ‘Wireless Setup Wizard’ option.
  • After that, follow the on-screen instructions to connect your HP Deskjet 2755e Printer to the network.

If you still face the issues, please get in touch with HP Support and our team.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I connect my HP Deskjet 2755e printer to WiFi?

Yes, you can connect your HP Deskjet 2755e printer with the WiFi. For this, you need to install the Printer Software and drivers. After that, create an HP account and register your HP printer. Connect your HP Deskjet 2755e printer to the WiFi, then load papers and install cartridges.

How do I connect my HP Deskjet printer to a new WiFi network?

If you want to connect your HP Deskjet 2755e Printer to a new wifi network, then follow the given instructions:

  • Start by placing your HP Deskjet 2755e Printer on the nearby wifi router.
  • Next, put your HP printer in the wifi-protected setup (WPS) mode.
  • Now,  press and hold the WPS button on the router until the connection process starts.
  • Then, wait for your HP printer’s wireless light or bar to stop flashing.

Why isn’t my HP Deskjet printer not connecting to WiFi?

If your HP Deskjet 2755e printer is not connecting with your WiFi, restart your mobile, computer, printer, and routers to clear any errors. Also, disconnect your computer or the mobile network from the SSID network name. After that, reconnect your printer to the same network. And that’s how you can resolve this issue.

Does the HP Deskjet 2755e have Bluetooth?

Yes, the HP Deskjet 2755e has Bluetooth. However, this printer only supports Bluetooth for setup purposes, meaning you cannot use the Bluetooth feature to print. The HP Deskjet 2755e printer is compatible with the HP Smart App.

What are two ways to connect to my HP printer wirelessly?

There are two methods available that a user can use to connect their printer wirelessly.

  • With the help of Bluetooth
  • And through the WiFi network.

How do I know if my HP Deskjet printer is connected to WiFi?

If you want to know whether your HP Deskjet is connected to the WiFi, check the wireless light on the control panel. If a solid blue light appears, your HP printer is connected to the wifi.

How do I set up my HP Deskjet 2755e printer for the first time?

To set up the HP Deskjet 2755e printer for the first time, remove it from the box and connect it to the power cord. After that, add your printer to the HP Smart. Next, load the paper and install the ink cartridges. And lastly, align your HP printer.

What is the possible reason why my printer is ON but not responding?

If you have a wired printer that is ON but not responding, check if your printer cable is correctly connected to your PC. Also, if you have a wireless printer, check your wireless connection. You must ensure that your HP Printer’s wireless option is turned ON and available.

How do I connect my HP Deskjet 2755e setup to my laptop?

In Windows, search for and open Add a printer or scanner. Click Add a printer or scanner, and then wait for Windows to locate available printers. If your printer is found, click it, and then click Add Device to complete the driver installation.

How do I copy on HP DeskJet 2755e setup?

Open the copy settings menu from the printer control panel. Touch Copy, Copy Document, or Copy Photo on the printer control panel.

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