HP DeskJet 3630 Setup and Usage Guide: Print Like a Pro

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Last Updated - December 26, 2023

HP DeskJet 3630 Setup and Usage Guide: Print Like a Pro

hp deskjet 3630 setup

HP Deskjet 3630 Setup

HP DeskJet 3630 is an All-in-one Printer that we use for both printing and scanning documents. Due to this reason, the HP Deskjet 3630 Setup requires installing the drivers for the Printer and Scanner. The setup is easy and does not take much effort. The Printer also works well when you help HP Deskjet 3630 Connect to WiFi. It also helps you to print remotely through its wireless service support. Here, we are discussing the details of setting up the Printer for the first time.

Steps for HP Deskjet 3630 Setup:

      1. Unpacking of Printer
      1. First of all, unpack the box and take the Printer out of it. Remove all the tapes precisely without any harm to the material inside the box. Now, after removing all the tapes, take the Printer out of the box.
      1. The Printer also is secure with some tapes. Remove those tapes also. Now, open the exterior door.
      1. There is also packing stuff inside the Cartridge door that you have to pull out for unpacking.
      1. Take care of the box while removing it as it contains some essentials and Printer related materials.
      1. The box contains Power Cord, Cartridges and a USB Cable. These materials are different that belongs to different country and regions.
      1. At the front side of the Printer, connect the end of the power cord. The other side of the power cord goes to the switchboard for electric power.
      1. Hence the unpacking is complete for HP Deskjet 3630 Setup.

    Turn ON the Printer

        • Press the Power button and hold it for some time till the light onthe Pointerblinks.
        • After holding the power button for some time, if the light does not glow, then you have to check the connections and the cable.
        • In case, you are choosing a wireless network, a separate light glow for the HP Deskjet 3630 Connect to WiFi. So do not confuse between the two lights.
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      Installing Cartridges

          • You might have got the ink Cartridges inside the box. Keep the Cartridge at the centre of the Printer. Now, wait till the Printer stop making any noise and is completely silent.
          • Now remove anyone ink Cartridge by carefully handling the black plastic side of the Cartridge.
          • Unpack the Ink Cartridge and pull its orange side for removing the protective tape.
          • Get aware of the copper colour side and the ink nozzle. Do not touch it or place the tape on these sides. It will result in clogging and ink failures.
          • Now place the ink Cartridge into the blank slot located slightly up the Cartridge.
          • Now push it tightly till it fixes in its place.
          • In the left part, insert tri-colour ink Cartridge and in it right part, insert the black ink.
          • Insert all the other ink Cartridge in the same way.
          • After inserting all the ink Cartridge, close the access door. Now, close the main exterior door.

        Loading Paper in Input Tray

        The next step for HP Deskjet 3630 Setup is to load the papers into the input tray. For loading the paper, you have to follow the steps below:
            • Raise the input tray for loading the paper.
            • Now pull out the extender of the tray.
            • Now place the paper on this tray. Set the papers as a width guide to the outward side.
            • Now the Printer will prompt you for the loading of the paper on it. Press the button next to OK to confirm your paper loading.
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          Installing Printer Software

          The HP Deskjet 3630 Setup is now complete, and the next step is to install the software to make the Printer work precisely. Without the software, we do not recommend connecting the Computer to the Printer. It can lead to failure and other related issues. So, it is necessary to download and install the software as per your Printer. The software is available either with the Printer on the Compact Disk or you can get it from the HP official website. Do not trust other websites for installing or downloading the software as it may contain some malware that can corrupt your Printer or your Computer.

          HP Deskjet 3630 Connect to WiFi – Setting up the Wireless Network

          You can also Setup wirelessly your HP Deskjet 3630 Connect to WiFi, by using a protected network corresponding to the Printer and the Computer. There are various steps you must follow for HP Deskjet 3630 Setup to connect using a wireless network. These are:
              • Switch ON the power of the Printer.
              • Now look at the control panel of the Printer and follow the instructions to connect through a wireless network. This is the first step for HP Deskjet 3630 Connect to WiFi.
              • Click the button corresponding to the right pointer on the control panel. Select ‘Set Up” option.
              • Now, choose your Network name from the setup and click on “Wi-Fi Protected Setup Wizard”. This will enable you to process your router for its network range.
              • Now fill in the credentials as per your wireless network for HP Deskjet 3630 Connect to WiFi. This includes an SSID name and a passcode.
              • Click the button corresponding to OK on your Printer.
              • Simply saying, choose the correct network and select ‘yes’. The Printer’s system will do the rest of the work automatically for you. It will help you to connect wirelessly over a network.
            Related: HP deskjet 3520 wireless setupYou have to properly install the correct software and drivers for printing wirelessly. We have already discussed the software installation in the above step. Now let us take a look at how we can install drivers for the Printer and which drivers are suitable for HP Deskjet 3630 Setup. . For the latest version, go to the official site of the Printer and search for the drivers. Download and install the drivers for further processing. You can either opt for the full version of software and drivers or its basic version depending upon your service. To download the drivers there are some basic steps:
                • Switch the computer ON and open the Web browser.
                • In the address bar, go to HP official site and search there for the best driver that suits your Printer.
                • Download these drivers and once the download is complete click on it to open.
                • Now, go with the instruction flow and select the name of your Printer when it prompts you.
                • In the connection method, click on ‘Wireless Method’.
                • Click on Continue for the installation process to complete. HP Deskjet 3630 Setup is incomplete until and unless your system includes the suitable software and drivers.
                • If you will download the driver from any other site apart from the official one, then there are chances that you can corrupt your system or the Printer. You can also experience faults and failures while printing.
              For HP Deskjet 3630 Connect to WiFi, you can also choose a USB connection method for your service if you are not comfortable with a wireless connection. Simply, take a USB cable and connect a Computer to the Printer and install valid software. The method for this will be similar and basic as per the above discussion for HP Deskjet 3630 Setup.You can contact HP Support team for help.
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