Samsung Printer Freezes – Find Out Why and How to Fix It

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Last Updated - January 12, 2024

Samsung Printer Freezes – Find Out Why and How to Fix It


You might have a Samsung printer that completely freezes after being left unused for a long time or in sleep mode. Experts say this not to be a network issue, but a technical error, instead. Usually, when a user just leaves a printer machine redundant for a quite long duration of time, in this time gap of unused state printer machine will often tend to switch to sleep mode. When switched ON to process the printing command given to initiate the printing task, the printer processing unit does not allow the circuitry to process the command and it keeps on giving a “WAIT” signal to all requests acquired. Thus this causes load on the stack funnel of printer circuitry and it throws out an error as the printer machine goes into freeze mode. Many Tech experts recommend pressing a specific set of keys for 10 seconds of time to force the printer machine to unfreeze, but at times it just goes into the ineffective hack to troubleshoot this issue,  even pressing keys down for 20 sec has no effect.  If you also are facing your Samsung printer freezes issue and want to get rid of them then take a look at the easy fixes shared by the technical experts. Also, check how to reset Samsung printer to factory defaults

Troubleshoot Samsung Printer Freezes

samsung printer freezes

Samsung printers are renowned for their excellent print quality and have a huge lot of its genuine clientele userbase, being a masterpiece that comes loaded with a brand new amazing feature. Samsung printer freezes issue that hardly gives its users a nightmare when the quality printing jobs delivery is concerned. But sometimes when the Samsung printer machine is left out of use for a quite long period of time and then afterward used suddenly, the printer switches to sleep mode or it gets frozen when the print command is initiated. There are recommended courses of action by the experts to troubleshoot the Samsung printer freeze issue.

  • Switch the printer “ON”, i.e; power ON
  • Wait till the printer adjusts itself in idle mode and turns silent before you continue usage.
  • Just Turn “OFF”  the printer input power flow. Now, disconnect the power cable from the backside of the printer power input port.
  • Now unplug the power cable from the wall outlet point.
  • Wait for at least one minute.
  • Now just ensure all the connections. Plug the power cable back into the wall outlet power source.

Caution: Samsung recommends connecting the printer’s genuine power cord directly to the wall outlet, and not via some connectors.

  • After Reconnecting the power cable to the printer.
  • Now turn on the Samsung printer machine, if the printer machine does not turn ON automatically, avoid pressing any keys further for a few minutes, as your machine now has entered the warm-up period.
  • While in the warm-up period, it takes a few minutes for The printer to get back to its normal state. During this period the printer carriage might move, and printer lights might flash multiple times.
  • You are strictly recommended to wait until the warm-up period finishes automatically and your printer returns to the normal state and goes silent before you proceed.

Samsung printer freezes not a network Issue– Probable Causes

When the user encounters this connectivity issue of Samsung printer freezes instantly while reusing the Samsung printer machine after a long gap. Samsung printer freezes problem rarely occurs though it is not due to a wireless network issue, instead, it is a mechanical error, a case meant for the users to take a close watch of the setup installed and just check out whether you might not have made the same mistakes as shared below. Related: How to find wps pin on Samsung printer This issue generally appears when the user is unable to set a communication channel between printers and a master computer for a long duration of time, thus making the printer machine redundant. This issue also arises when a user connects using an unauthorized/ingenuine power cord while establishing connections in between. Samsung printer freeze issue can be checked if proper connections are made and the Printer operability mode is checked timely to ensure Freeze state printing experience when connecting the Samsung printer to a wireless network. Most probable reasons for this mechanical issue to occur: Check for the following commonly made mistakes while connecting a Ricoh printer to a wireless network

  • Ping time-out occurred to the printer while you connected it to the network
  • Printers go into freezing mode when connected to a loaded network ( freezing occurs when trying to execute a print  job)
  • When a user plugs a computer machine into the printer, ping “warm-up” and no time out.
  • When the user keeps pinging unwanted protocols from the photocopier side.
  • Mechanical issues are due to unchecked network cabling, switches, and multiple CRC errors on switch ports.


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