Reset Samsung Printer To Factory Defaults

Last Updated - July 24, 2020

What Are Factory Default Settings

Factory Settings is the process wherein the settings on a printer is restored to the state when it was first purchased from the manufacturer. Factory reset erases all the changes you have made in the ‘settings’ for the printer. Before you start off with the process to Reset Samsung Printer To Factory Defaults, make sure that the pending tasks in the print queue have been erased or stopped. Every pending work will be deleted once the Samsung printer is reset to the factory settings. Reset Samsung Printer To Factory Defaults can help the printer with many glitches. When your Samsung printer does not connect to the wi-fi network, or it cannot recognize the computer and many other snags can be fixed by resetting the Samsung printer back to factory default settings. Out of nowhere your Samsung printer starts acting up and you do not know what the issue is, you can resort to the ‘Reset Samsung Printer To Factory Defaults’ method. Factory default settings on your printer will help it start off fresh. Although all the previous settings and tasks must have been erased. You are advised to keep the vital tasks and program somewhere safe. Sometimes all the process takes is pressing a button for few seconds. Although, we have given a brief detail on how to carry out the Reset Samsung Printer To Factory Settings process for various operating systems and using numerous means.

Resetting The Samsung Printer Back To Factory Default Settings For Windows 7/10

reset your samsung printer to default settings If you use the Windows 7 operating system, the below-mentioned steps will help you reset your Samsung printer back to factory default settings.

  • Click the ‘Start’ or the ‘Windows’ icon. And Go to the ‘control panel’.
  • Next, select ‘Administrative tools’
  • The next window will have the names of various settings. Select ‘Print management’ from the list.
  • Under the ‘Print management’ tab on the left-most panel of the computer, select ‘Print servers’.
  • Right-click below the print server name and choose the ‘Add or remove servers’
  • Once the ‘Configure print management’ page pops up, select the ‘Remove all’ tab by the ‘Print server’ option.

This action will direct the computer to Reset Samsung Printer To Factory Settings. Related: How to find wps pin on Samsung printer

Basic Resetting Steps For Samsung Printers

  • Press these keys in quick succession. Start off with the ‘Menu’, then, ‘# 1 9 3 4’. This will lead the computer to show the ‘Tech’ setting.
  • Click the ‘Menu’ key one more time, then press ‘Enter’.
  • The display on your screen will be labelled ‘Tech Mode’.
  • Press the ‘<’ key twice. The operator panel of your printer will display ‘New cartridge’ message.
  • Choose ‘Enter’. The panel will display ‘Yes’.
  • Press ‘Enter’ one more time.
  • Exit this mode by pressing ‘Menu’, # 1 9 3 4, again.

Manually Reset Your Samsung Printer To Factory Defaults

  • Press and hold the Power push button on the printer. Release this push button when you see the Power LED go off.
  • Remove the power cable from the back of the Samsung printer. Leave the Samsung printer as such close to around 10 minutes.
  • Plug the cable back in. And put the other end of the power cable into a power outlet.
  • Press and hold the ‘Stop’ button. Hold this button for two to three seconds. The demo page will start to print.

After the printer has been reset to the factory default settings and the printing system deleted, you will have to download and install the printer driver all over again. Go to the website of Samsung and look for the printer driver. Enter the model number of your Samsung printer in the box and press ‘Search’. You will be directed to the link to download and install the printer driver. Reset Samsung Printer To Factory Defaults will help you fix almost every issue that your Samsung printer has been coming up with lately. Even if you get a ‘cartridge not found’ error, you can count on this method. The Samsung printer might be overworked causing it to not recognize the toner or ink cartridge. If you reset the printer back to the factory default settings, the printer software would be off all the unnecessary load hence, recognizing and accepting the cartridges Still facing issues contact our experts at for resetting your printer in no time.

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