HP Printer Won’t Accept Generic Cartridge

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Last Updated - December 27, 2023

HP Printer Won’t Accept Generic Cartridge

HP Printer Won't Accept Generic Cartridge

Ink Cartridges are an essential part of printers as they are used to transfer and store inks to print documents and files. Cartridges need to be replaced after a specific period of time for better printing experience when they became empty or need replacement as well due to issues. Most of the times users use generic cartridges as they are compatible with the HP printers. But sometimes user needs to face issues as their HP Printer Won’t Accept Generic Cartridge. It is suggested by experts that users need to use the compatible cartridge with the HP printers. Don’t get tensed as these issues are most common and can be resolved easily by following some steps.

There are many errors users need to face when their HP Printer Won’t Accept Generic Cartridge while replacing them. They can get pop-ups stating that printer cartridge is not detected or no cartridge is installed. In this case, they need to follow some easy steps to eliminate these issues. Don’t get tensed if you don’t know how to resolve these issues you can follow the troubleshooting steps listed in this blog or you can reach out to our helpdesk to get connected with the HP printer expert technicians. They resolve all your issues within no time with their unmatchable skills and reliable assistance.

Common Reasons Why HP Printer Won’t Accept Generic Cartridge

Internal Memory Issues – Most common issues when HP Printer Won’t Accept Generic Cartridge is when there is some issue with the internal memory. The printer automatically recognizes the ink cartridge and install them in the internal memory to make sure that it shows the exact amount of ink and toner level.

Protected Stripes Not Removed Properly – Another reason why your HP Printer Won’t Accept Generic Cartridge is when users try to install a new cartridge and forget to remove the protective covers from cartridges. When these issues arise HP printers are unable to register the new installed generic cartridge properly. So, make sure that before installing cartridge you remove all stripes, tabs and plastic covers completely.

 Issues In Reading Chip Data – When users install a new cartridge and HP Printer Won’t Accept Generic Cartridge issues can arise as the new cartridge is unable to communicate with the printer metals. Dirty and damaged metal contacts can be the reason you get the issue with cartridges as they are unable to read out the information.

Cartridge Protection Feature In Enabled – it is essential to update the firmware setting while installing the new generic cartridge. When users update firmware t automatically enable the cartridge protection and the HP Printer Won’t Accept Generic Cartridge. This can be easily resolved manually by resetting them in the firewall settings.

Chip Data Issue Because Outdated Printer Software’s – one of the major causes in getting HP Printer Won’t Accept Generic Cartridge issues is outdated printer drivers or software. Most of the times printers connected to the wireless network can be updated automatically but internal printer firmware updates and device software need to be updated manually. If they are not updated properly users are unable to install the generic cartridges.

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Troubleshooting Steps To Resolve HP Printer Won’t Accept Generic Cartridge

  • If yourHP Printer Won’t Accept Generic Cartridge and you wanted to resolve these issues you need to follow some easy steps listed below:
  • First of all, users need to remove the unrecognised cartridge from HP printer and need to install the old cartridge again.
  • Now leave printer alone for at least 10 minutes.
  • After that remove the old cartridge and install the new one again.
  • Now restart your printer and try to check whether the issues are resolved or not. If not then try to clean the cartridge and install again.
  • In the new model of HP printer, there is a setting which allows only original HP cartridges or toners then try to switch it off as it will automatically reject the generic cartridges.
  • To turn off the settings you need to head to the security section available in the printer menu.
  • HP printers automatically remove the seals by which printer is unable to access the generic cartridge. Make sure that you remove the seals before installing the cartridge.
  • Now reset the setting which results in locking of cartridges to another printer.
  • If you are still unable to install generic cartridge then clean the supply memory errors. These errors will be resolved by cleaning the metal on the cartridges.

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If you tried everything and still HP Printer Won’t Accept Generic Cartridge then you need to reach to the HP Deskjet 3510 Wireless setup exerts. In case you don’t know how to contact experts reach out to our helpdesk and we offer you the best-suited assistance.

Also, check this can be helpful. If nothing works, contact HP Printer Setup or hp support for help.

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