Printer must be HP Instant Ink Enrolled for Cartridge Use

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Last Updated - December 27, 2023

Printer must be HP Instant Ink Enrolled for Cartridge Use

Detailed Explanation Of HP Instant Ink

We will start off by detailing to you the ins and outs of HP Instant ink. HP Instant Ink is an ink cartridge replacement service. Once you are enrolled, you will not have to buy ink cartridges from retail stores. If the HP printer variant you have is eligible for the HP Instant Ink service, you only have to enroll yourself. Different plans charge a different sum of fees, based on your monthly ink requirement. The HP printer sends information to HP, and when the printer runs low on ink, HP ships a new ink cartridge to you.

Where To Register For HP Instant Ink

Cartridge Cannot Be Used Until Printer Is Enrolled In HP Instant Ink error

Before opting for the HP Instant Ink, make sure the service is available in your country/region. To check if your country/region is on the list, go to HP Instant website.

The reason your Cartridge Cannot Be Used Until the Printer Is Enrolled In HP Instant Ink is most probably because you registered yourself for the enrollment but did not carry out the additional actions.

‘Cartridge Cannot Be Used Until Printer Is Enrolled In HP Instant Ink’ Error –Step By Step Guide
Steps to be carried out to enroll for HP instant ink are laid down here. If you have enrolled for the HP instant ink you do not need to bother yourself with ordering new ink cartridges every now and then. HP guarantees timely delivery of ink cartridges. Therefore, signing up for the HP Instant Ink does have its benefits.

  • Log in To Your HP Instant Ink Account
    The moment you enroll for HP Instant Ink, an account is made in your name that links your printer to a subscription.
    The user ID will be your email address, and the password will be generated by HP and be intimated to you.
    Cartridge Cannot Be Used Until Printer Is Enrolled In HP Instant Ink
  • Manage Your Subscription
    Log in to your account. You will see a tab labeled ‘Manage Subscription’. Click on this tab, you will be directed to the subscription page. Make sure that the printer is connected to an active Wi-Fi. Within a few seconds, the screen will display a confirmation message.

If you keep seeing the ‘Cartridge Cannot Be Used Until Printer Is Enrolled In HP Instant Ink’ error, you can reach out to the expert team at HP Deskjet 3510 Wireless Printer Setup.

Types Of HP Instant Ink Plans

There are four varied HP Instant Ink plans. These plans are formulated on the basis of varied prices and per month ink requirements.

These plans are – Occasional Printing Plan, Moderate Printing Plan, Frequent Printing Plan and Business Printing Plan.

Business Printing Plan among all, is the costliest. It includes 700 pages per month at $19.99. Every 20 additional pages cost$1. With this plan, you can roll over 1400 pages every month. This plan is generally opted by businesses where printing is a major activity.

Occasional Printing Plan costs you the least of all. It includes 50 pages per month at $2.99. Additionally, $1 is charged for 10 pages.If you do not use all your pages, you can rollover up to 100 pages every month.

Frequent Printing Plan is apt for small businesses, where printing job is just enough to use up to 300 pages per month. The plan costs $9.99 per month for 300 pages. And you can roll over up to 600 unused pages.

Next comes the Moderate Printing Plan, which, as name suggests, is suitable for users who do not use printers in their routine work. It includes 100 pages at $4.99 per month. If the user wishes to print more pages, he will be charged $1 for every 15 pages.

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HP Instant Ink – Conditions For Enrolling

If you wish to use the HP Instant Ink program, you make sure that your printer is always connected to an active wi-fi.
Also, before signing up for the HP Instant Ink plan, you need to submit your email address, and credit or debit card information with HP.

One possible cause of the ‘Cartridge Cannot Be Used Until Printer Enrolled In HP Instant Ink’ error is that you might have unknowingly unsubscribed from the HP Instant Ink plan, in which case you will have to re-subscribe and register yourself on the website.

And, if your computer displays the error ‘Cartridge Cannot Be Used Until Printer Is Enrolled In HP Instant Ink’ you should check with the website if all the conditions required to make your printer eligible for the Instant Ink are met.

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