Samsung M2020w Wireless Setup

Last Updated - May 12, 2021
Samsung M2020w is one of the most popular and well known wireless laser printer, which is the best for use in offices and homes. It is a monochrome printer that provides high performance and is easy to operate at low prices. It can print more than twenty pages per minute. In case you are figuring out Samsung M2020w Wireless Setup, then follow the steps mentioned below.Before starting with the setup process, you need to get the following information for the process, including the Default gateway, the IP address corresponding to access point or router. Secondly, you need to know your SSID, i.e. wireless network name, encryption type of the network, and the network’s security key. The security key is the password you will enter for your network.
Samsung M2020w Wireless Setup

How do I connect my Samsung m2020w Xpress printer to WiFi?

Samsung M2020w Xpress is compatible with Windows Operating System (OS), and can we can set it up by using the followed steps:
  • The very First step is to turn your M2020w Xpress laser printer model ‘ON’. As soon as you turn it ON, the power LED light of the printer will blink.
  • Now connect the USB cable with the system as the setup process fulfils using this USB cable only.
  • Now into the CD ROM drive of your windows OS, insert the CD provided to you.
  • The installation process will automatically appear on the screen. In case the installation screen does not appear then, follow the steps as
    • Go to the ‘Start’ option of your windows
    • Now click ‘All Programs’
    • Click on ‘Accessories’
    • Now press the ‘Run’ option.
  • Run Setup.exe and click on the OK button.
  • After that, follow the instructions displayed on the screen. Click on ‘allow’ on all the prompts that will come on the screen. Now choose ‘Next.’
  • Under the connection types, choose “Wireless Network connection”.
  • Now click on “Yes, I will setup my printer’s wireless network” for the options corresponding to “Are you setting your printer for the first time”.
  • Now, as we are familiar that the printer is couple to the network; you will have to choose “No, the Samsung printer is connected to my network”, corresponding to the options listed.
  • Now select your Samsung M2020w Wireless Setup process as “Using a Cable”. Click the ‘Next button.
  • Now choose your SSID, i.e. Access Point Name. Click the ‘Next’ option.
  • Now disconnect your USB connection between the printer and your device. Click ‘Next’.
  • Choose the appropriate component and follow on-screen instruction for the installation process.
  • Complete the installation process following up all instructions.
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Samsung M2020w Wireless Setup for Mac Operating System

Samsung M2020w is also compatible with Mac OS. So, if you are using Mac on your device, then there are the following steps for Samsung M2020w Wireless Setup:
  • Turn ON the printer and check for the blinking of the LED light on it. Once the light starts blinking, it means that the printer is now ON.
  • Now connect the USB cable to the Mac system. It is to be fitted into the USB port of the system properly.
  • After the successful completion of the connection, now Run Wireless Setting Application to access the setup.
  • Now in the ‘Wireless Setup Option’, choose an option that says ‘Using a USB cable’.
  • Click the ‘Next button.
  • Now the installation wizard searches for the printer and gets its information. If the system is unable to find the printer, it will say ‘Printer Not Found’.
  • Now, after the successful connection, click on the ‘Network’ option. Click ‘Next’.
  • Now enter the network’s Security Key corresponding to the Password block on the screen. The network security key can be related to WPA2/WEP/WPA. Click the ‘Next button.
  • You will now have to wait for more than five minutes to make a connection between the network and the printer.
  • After the successful connection, you will receive information related to Wi-Fi Direct. Tick the option on the checkbox and click on the Next button.
  • Now a pop up will appear stating the successful connection. Click the ‘Finish’ button.
  • Now, the Samsung M2020w Wireless Setup process is complete. You can both print and scan from your device.
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Samsung M2020W Wireless Setup without the help of USB Cable:

You can also complete your setup without any help from a USB cable. For this, you will have to follow these steps:
  • First of all, turn your printer ON and check for the blinking of the LED light of the printer.
  • Insert the CD related to the printer’s setup into the CD ROM drive of your device.
  • You will configure the On-screen instructions that you will configure related to the installation. Just follow the instruction. Click ‘Next
  • Now, it will prompt you with a message, “Are you configuring your printer for the first time”. Amongst all the given options, click on “Yes, I will configure the wireless network of the printer” and then click on the ‘Next button.
  • Now it will prompt you asking “Select the wireless setup process”. Amongst the entire provided options click on, “Using a direct wireless connection”.
  • Click the ‘Next button. Proceed further with the setup completion.
  • After a specific processing time, the setup is complete. Click ‘Next’.
  • Follow further on-screen instruction for completing the process of installation.
  • Now check whether the setup of the printer is with the correct settings.
  • Now, the Samsung M2020w Wireless Setup process is complete. You can both print and scan from your device.
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