Brother Printer Leaving Black Marks On Edge Of Paper

Last Updated - April 1, 2023

Brother Printer Black Smudges On Paper

Brother printers are equipped with the best in state-of-the-art technology to take the best care of your printing needs at home or office. We know the consequences of a bad print when, sometimes, your normal functioning printer starts malfunctioning thereby ruining your work completely. Brother Printer Leaving Black Marks On Edge Of Paper should not be left to chance and care must be taken to get rid of the error as soon as it can be.

Brother Printer Black Smudges On Paper are mostly caused by foreign materials sticking to the drum of the machine. These could be stapled clips, paper dust, dry glue particles from labels or envelops that severely interfere with the quality of print when you want it the best. Brother Printer Leaving Black Marks On Edge Of Paper typically happens when your printer toner builds up or sticks to these areas on the printer drum resulting in these black dots on the pages that you print.

How to Fix Brother Printer Leaving Black Marks On Edge Of Paper

Brother printers positively recommends that customers and users should use only genuine and original toner cartridges or Brother drum units for your printer to perform in the best possible manner. Every Brother laser printer is created and manufactured to work on a pre-set temperature that needs to be matched with proper specification to all of the individual toner formulations. Every individual component inside the Brother printer is designed to work with another to ensure reliability and quality.

Brother Printer Leaving Black Marks On Edge Of Paper or Brother Printer Black Smudges On Paper errors usually happen when you use non-Brother supplies that affects the hardware performance adversely, making print quality bad. An important point to be noted in this scenario is that the Brother printer limited warranty fails to apply for an issue that is caused by the incompatible third party toner cartridges, toner, or drum units.

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How To Get Rid Of Dirty spots On Your Brother Printer Pages

Brother Printer Leaving Black Marks On Edge Of Paper

Looking to get rid of Brother Printer Black Smudges On Paper? We are here to assist with some exclusive do-it-yourself steps to get rid of this problem and get your Brother printer back to clean printing.

  1. Hold the OK button 3 times and print the Printer Settings page.If the quality of the Printer Settings pageis not smeared or blurry or there are no smudges or dots, your Brother machine appears to be printing nicely.If the quality of the Printer Settings page does not appear smeared or is blurry but there are Brother Printer Black Smudges On Paper go to the next step.
  2. 2.      You need to review the Printer Settings and understand if the dots are spaced at specific intervals such as 1.5 inches or 3.7 inches or the dots are randomly spaced.
  3. 3.      Brother Printer Leaving Black Marks On Edge Of Paperare typically triggered by foreign particles inside the printer such as, paper particles, dried glue from envelopes or labels paper/ staple clips sticking to or damaging the surface of the drum. Toner builds up or sticks to such surfaces on the drum and creates the problem of Brother Printer Leaving Black Marks On Edge Of Paper on printed pages.
  4. For your drum unit, you need to do the following:
  5. Lift up the drum unit and pull it out of the machine by opening the front cover of your Brother Printer.   
  6. Now, from the drum remove the toner cartridge by holding down the green lock lever placed on the side of the drum unit. This is done by lifting the toner out.
  7. Now, turn over the drum unit. Ensure appropriately that the white drum unit gear is on your left side.
  8. While looking at the surface of the drum roller, turn by handthe gear of the white drum unit toward you.
  9. Now, you need to look for any material or marks on the surface of the drum.  It makes it certain by turning the drum gear that you examine the entire drum surface.
  10. Now you need to clean the surface thoroughly to get rid of the Brother Printer Leaving Black Marks On Edge Of Paper while printing. Do the cleaning task of the roller by slowly wiping the full surface of the drum with a swab dipped in alcohol, such as a wipe or medical pad. You can do it with a cotton swab slightly moistened with isopropyl alcohol.  You must ensure that the alcohol gets completely evaporated or dried off the surface before moving further.  Also, make it a point to look thoroughly on the entire drum surface as there could be other areas on a drum that might need cleaning.
  11. Now, turn overthe drum unit. Then, slowly slide the green tab on top of the drum unit from left to right a few times and clean the main corona wire contained within the drum unit. Now place the green tab back to its home position before putting back the drum unit assembly.

5. Now, reposition the toner into the drum so that it clicks into its place. When placed properly, the green lock lever will come up by itself. 

6. Reposition the tonerand drum assembly into your Brother Printer and close the front cover properly.This is best done by pressing each side firmly until the cover clicks into its place. This is a step in the direction of removing the Brother Printer Black Smudges On Paper of printed pages.

7. Thereafter to ensure a complete and thorough cleaning of the drum and removing any material that may have remained stuck when the drum surface was manually cleaned, you need to print 10 to 15 blank pages from the printer one after the another. This will help you the best troubleshoot the Brother Printer Leaving Black Marks On Edge Of Paper issue.

8. Now, to check the print page quality, you require to print the Printer Settings page by holding OK three times. 

  • If perhaps, the quality has enhanced, but the problem still seems visible, you will need to redo the entire cleaning procedure mentioned above.  Performing more than one cleanings makes it for a successful removing of the bad printing quality. 
  • Now, if the Brother Printer Leaving Black Marks On Edge Of Paperissue has not resolved and the dots are still spaced down the page with more than normal spacing, and when the print quality problem continues even after many cleaning tasks done, the drum will finally need to be replaced on your Brother printer.
  • If the issue is the same with Brother Printer Black Smudges On Paper, the toner cartridge may be causing the problem. In such a case, the toner cartridge requires to be replaced. 
  • Finally, if the problem of Brother Printer Leaving Black Marks On Edge Of Paperis the same and the dots appearing on the page have not stopped, you need to check for loose toner around the drum area within the machine. The problem could be with a toner cartridge that could be leaking inside the machine and that needs to be replaced.  This will give the best solution for your problem of Brother Printer Leaving Black Marks On Edge Of Paper or Brother Printer Black Smudges On Paper.

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